Last night, after Slog Happy, I went to Chungee's Drink 'N Eat, the new Chinese restaurant in the cursed space at 1830 12th Ave, to pick up some takeout.

Chungee's obviously doesn't have all the wrinkles ironed out of their operation just yet. Most notably, the website listed on the menu,, links to what I assume to be their old location, in Edison, CA. None of the prices on the online menu are correct, but the menu is pretty hilarious:


The food was pretty good, though. There's a surprising lack of good old-fashioned American Chinese food joints on Capitol Hill. So to test out Chungee's capacity for what I call candied meats, I ordered my favorite kind of the greasy, sloppy fried plates: General Tso's Chicken ($9.95). It's really hard to screw up General Tso's chicken, but Chungee's was better-than-average. The big chunks of chicken were fresh, and the sauce had more of a spicy kick than you get at Panda Express-type steam table restaurants. This, combined with the Ginger Pancakes ($4.95), which were delicious onion pancakes with a nice curry/coconut dipping sauce (but curiously, no trace of ginger), was more than enough for two people.

Chungee's is still in its first week of operation—in fact, their grand opening, with "a Traditional Lion Dance (at 3:00pm) along with beating drums, firecrackers and Lion Dancers bringing good fortune to our new business," is tomorrow—but I like it a lot so far. I hope Chungee's sticks around. It'll be good to have a late night (open 'til midnight) Chinese food joint with booze on Capitol Hill again.