Do Not Karate Chop Seals by Nic Launceford
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  • "Do Not Karate Chop Seals" by Nic Launceford parliament in Canada today:

OTTAWA - Seal meat hors-d'oeuvre and main courses will be on the lunch menu at the parliamentary restaurant on Wednesday.

Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette says representatives of all political parties on Parliament Hill plan to sample the delicacies. The restaurant, an exclusive enclave for senators, MPs and journalists, said last fall it would add seal to a menu which routinely features beef tenderloin, salmon, even bison.

The idea of serving seal came after Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean gnawed on a piece of raw seal heart during a northern visit last fall...

UPDATE: Gold Star Comment goes to merry—behold!

Seal is like the chicken of the north. It's pretty common in the frigid Arctic as a foodstuff.

As a kid I lived in Bethel, Alaska for a while. One vivid memory: all the kids gathering, excited, for the butchering of a couple of seals on the beach. The luckiest kids got to eat the eyes, gouged fresh out of the dead sockets. The rest of the kids got to share the muktuk—the blubber. They gave me a piece GLEEFULLY and watched my reaction as I put it in my mouth and began to chew...... Well, I suppose it's an acquired taste (for a white girl). All I remember is that it got BIGGER as I chewed it, and my whole mouth was filled with the taste of oily seal. It defeated me. I had to spit it out—to the great amusement of all assembled.

Good times, good times.