Description: A Queen Anne dive marked by an iconic light-up sign.

What's inside: Beer and wine and booze, a charmingly schlocky art collection (a dogs-playing-cards tapestry, a glossy poster of an '80s bodybuilding duo), a wraparound bar (the better to engage the complete stranger sitting across from you).

The art of conversation, a handy guide: Start with some relatable news events ("Where were you when Billy Mays died?"). Ask open-ended questions ("I had sex with a napkin?"). After the connection has been established, you can move on to more personal subjects ("What do you love most about your body?"). Avoid creepy topics ("Who do you think is hotter: Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy?").

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm, Sun–Thurs 11 pm–close.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 pints/$7 pitchers PBR, $2.75 pints/$10 pitchers micros (Deschutes, Portage Bay).

Other deals: Tallboy specials on Tuesday nights ($1.50 Rainier or Olympia), free peanuts daily. recommended

This article has been updated: The Streamline Tavern's application for a liquor license was approved, so yay for booze!