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Yesterday's Suggests solely involved the purchase of a specific drink at a specific bar. All because of a chainsaw.

At Mistral Kitchen, an upscale dining hall, I was served the Bitter Handshake. It's served in a highball glass, and a ball comes included with the high. Beware: inebriated folk at Mistral Kitchen are armed with icy projectiles. Did I mention Mistral Kitchen is on a corner, and lined with windows? Seems dangerous, Mistral Kitchen owners.

But, if you come to Mistral Kitchen in search of chainsaws during a Thursday happy hour, you're not going to find any; Andrew Bohrer chainsaws his specialty ice into blocks on Thursday mornings on Mistral Kitchen's loading dock (which last the bar through the week), then he takes the rest of the day off.

The orb.
  • The orb.

Fortunately, our bartender was a doll and presumably hand-carves these icy blocks into balls all evening. The sound of the carving ran a shiver up my companion's spine and his discomfort immediately transferred onto me. So if that nail-screeching sound puts you off, I probably wouldn't sit right at the bar—though one must be brave.

Mistral Kitchen also sells fancy food, but I didn't try any because I had other plans. The menu looked good, though. They offer oysters for a dollar a pop during happy hour and we were even given some free popcorn which was tasty and possibly seasoned with pesto.

The Bitter Handshake—made with Fernet Branca, a blood orange reduction, house-made Wild Turkey Rye syrup and orange zest—was deliciously smooth and lovely to look at; the icy orb reflected an array of colors beneath its orange-peel wrapping, all the while cooling the temperature of the drink without watering it down. My fellow barfly tried the Bees Knees, made with frothy egg white, gin, lemon, and bitters. To wrap up, I had the herbed gin. It was refreshing and mellow (and all gin).

I walked out of there with a buzz and it wasn't even 6 pm. Mistral Kitchen's drinks and atmosphere are nice, but if you want a chainsaw show, you're out of luck. Suggests denied.