Chungee's Drink 'n Eat
1830 12th Ave, 323-1673

Description: A Capitol Hill joint with a delightfully odd layout (snug-and-narrow bar, raised dining area) serving Cantonese-style food.

Namesake: It means "stupid pig" in Cantonese. The term applies not to diners, but to the owners, who are jiving themselves for starting a new business in this uncertain economy.

Bonus: The customers are rife with wonderful facts. ("What Americans refer to as cauliflower ear, Koreans call pot sticker ear," a strange man helpfully explained to our table.) Also, there's a nice patio.

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm (drinks) and 10–11:30 pm (food).

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off tap beer (Manny's, Olympia), $1 off well drinks.

Happy-hour food specials: A list of discounted appetizers ($3.95 Chinese pancake, $5.95 barbecue pork). recommended