Show your mouth and stomach a gay ol’ time by checking out this weekend’s chow events:

• 4th Annual Gay Pride Hot Dog Blessing, June 25 (Central District): Kick off your Gay Pride festivities at the BottleNeck Lounge, where Sylvia O'Stayformore bestows the Blessing at 11 pm. Afterwards, Po Dog comes out swinging with free Deep-Fried Danger Dogs for all.

• 2nd Annual Paella Cook-Off, June 26 (Ballard): Take a respite from last night’s madness with an all-you-can-eat paella feast. Then take a hearty nap, so that you’ll be ready and refreshed to get gay and down tonight.

• The Dude Imbibes, June 26 (Downtown): But if you’re looking for a quieter night (relatively) in with other like-minded dudes, head to the Blarney Stone for The Big Lebowski trivia night.

• Post-Pride-Parade Carbo-Load, June 27 (Central District): Celebrate the final day of Seattle Pride 2010 the same way you celebrated all weekend: with cheap beer and free wieners.

More info on all this madness plus more, more, MORE chow events for your stomach's future planning are over here!

Bon appétit.