Laadla Bar

234 Fairview Ave N, 223-1980

Description: Laadla is a no-frills lounge unexpectedly located in the back of a family-friendly Indian diner in South Lake Union.

Namesake: Laadla means "little baby," "favorite son," or "darling" according to the restaurant server, the bartender, and a Hindi/English dictionary, respectively.

The author's preference: As a refreshingly underused endearment that manages to be both delicate and suggestive, "darling" is clearly the best choice. Use it liberally and your lover's heart will turn to cotton candy.

The scene: A random weekday evening brings a bar lined with smiling old men.

Topic of conversation: The always-compelling Drunk People Being Stupid. One haunted patron described a Christmas Eve morning in Pioneer Square, when he witnessed a man dressed as Santa Claus and a homeless guy casually assaulting each other. (Instigating the smeary pushing match: Santa's unwillingness to gift a cigarette and the spicy dialogue that followed.)

Happy-hour drink specials: Daily 5–6 pm ($1 Rainier, $1 PBR, $2 wells) and daily 6 pm–midnight ($2 Rainier, $2 PBR, $3 wells).

Happy-hour food specials: A daily 5–10 pm slot features a lengthy selection of $1–$3 treats ($1 garlic naan, $2 tandoori chicken).