Mama's Mexican Kitchen
2234 Second Ave, 728-6262

Description: A long-standing family-run Mexican eatery and lounge in Belltown.

What's inside: Loads of customers, a series of brightly colored dining spaces, and a room filled with Elvis-themed collectibles.

About that: It's pretty straightforward. Owner Mike McAlpin is a fan, so he used some memorabilia to spruce up the room. While the Mama's website suggests that "Mama and Elvis shared a margarita once upon a time," reality is far less glamorous. "It never happened," says Mike. (Mama is his grandmother. He would know.)

More lie-exposing facts: Elvis didn't drink, and he was notoriously uneasy around booze. Even the sight of it made him uncomfortable. A can of beer, for instance, had to be poured into a glass to be consumed in his presence.

What Elvis would've drunk at Mama's: Just a Pepsi. It was his favorite.

Happy hours: Daily 4–6:30 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $5.25 well drinks, $2 PBR, and a selection of $5.50–$6.75 margaritas (Cuervo Cadillac, lime, and strawberry).

Happy-hour food specials: A mini menu of basics ($3.95 quesadilla, $2.95 soft taco). recommended