Remember Candy-Coated Mini Junior Mints? Those really delicious little red and green minty sugar gems that were introduced during last year's Holiday season? They were soooo good. And I've been looking all over for them this year to no avail. I want to eat them. I want to bake them into cupcakes. I want to share them with the world. And they're nowhere! How horrible!

Oh, right, but the internet exists. So I will just order them off the internet! Because the internet has everything.

Except... they're not mentioned at all on the Junior Mints page at Tootsie.com. It's like they never happened.

Amazon.com doesn't seem to have them either. And I found a link to buy them via CandyWarehouse.com but all that says is:



First they discontinue the Inside Out Junior Mints, which were far superior to the original, and now they take away the Mini Junior Mints after just one year of existence?

What kind of idiot is in charge over there?