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What You'll Find at the Sign of the Pig

The kitchen at Lecosho.


The tagliatelle is amazing. And, (if i remember correctly) a wonderful veggie option. Whole grains, great flavor, good portion. Its a shame you didn't try it.
Mike is one of the most underrated Chef's in this town. His pasta is great, his charceuterie is on point, and I would follow him into the pits of hell for his porchetta. The man is a genius.
A Bethany piece in which she pokes at vegetarians in the first sentence? A shocker!

Yes, "Eskimos" still exist. I have papers that say I am.

Fuckin' A the cultural ignorance/racism.
I've eaten there a couple of times, and I've yet to love my order. I agree about the salt - I wish they would tone it down.

The mackerel is simply a bad order. Its crispiness bordered on charred, and a dark fish served on a bed of dark greens makes for a bland presentation. And the salt! I expect mackerel to be salty, but the greens should serve as a palette cleanser instead of, well, just more salt.

I really like Matt and want the restaurant to do well, so I hope they work on the menu a bit. I'll try it again soon, I'm sure.
I think you perhaps misunderstand the things that make vegetarians mad. ;)
Holy Shit! I was shocked by this review. No, not for the poor remarks about Lecosho but for the cultural insensitivity and racist remarks by the writer. No, I am not Eskimo or even Native American/First Nation. I am a white male who was appalled that the writer went the unnecessary racist route of questioning the entire existence of an entirely vibrant (and yes, still living) culture. Did you really have to go there? I mean really! Far less than what I would expect 1) in a city that prides itself on being culturally aware 2) and from a publication that I had always envisioned as a champion of the underdog. Racism comes in many forms but I didn't expect to encounter it in a food review.
"the kind of extreme meat-eating that should probably be reserved for the hardest-working Italian peasants and maybe Eskimos, if they still exist."
What are you talking about? To quote my grandma, a was-once Italian "peasant"--
"My aunt used to take me to funerals because she knew there would be food there." And I can tell you it wasn't $17 porchetta.
Wow. Maybe for your next review you can visit a great breakfast joint and bitch about eggs. Will the orange juice be a little too orange for your taste? I've been to Lecosho and I had a very different experience. It is approachable, comfortable and affordable. I'm not claiming perfection here, but I had great service and great food. It may not be for everyone, but this review is a senseless rant that carries beyond the restaurant it claims to review.
Hmmmm. Bitchy, bigoted ("...if they still exist." Really?!?), and bad writing ("The sausage got eaten all up...."). In a city this big, we are fortunate enough to have colorful, creative writers and yet a major local paper employs a writer who coughs up dreck like this?
I'm not familiar with Bethany's writing but this review blows. It's poorly written and perhaps a bit unfair. The place is Salish for pig and serves a lot of rustic dishes that are cooked with pork, suprise suprise. Somebody send her to a vegetarian joint so she can tear them apart for not catering to the carnivorous diner. Funny thing is that, there are a number of dishes that are vegetarian. The spaetzle in browned butter is incredibly tasty and there is a pasta entree sans meat.

Seems to me like there's something else going on here, maybe somebody has an axe to grind?

Has Betheny even been to Lecosho or did she just phone in her review? I've been there a few times and the food was nothing short of great. If you check the menus at most restaurants in town, minus the vegetarian ones, you'll find meat is a common fixture. I am sensitive to over salted food, having grown up with it, and I didn't find that to be the case here at all. I think there's some underlying, maybe personal problem Betheny has with Lecosho. However I can't say I'm completely against the tone of her review since most of my favorite places have become too crowded and difficult to get into.
Eskimos? They don't half as much meat and fat as the Coloreds or Messicans do.
I do hate the name Bethany btw.

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