Description: Darrell's was established in 1967, and very little has changed. The furnishings remain of the low-rent Eames-style variety, like the spindly, quilted-back lounge chairs and the ring of futuristic lamps hovering above the horseshoe bar, and there's carpeting on the walls but not the floors. The crowd features a good mix of young and old, and no one is trying too hard. If it weren't for its locale (way the fuck out in Shoreline), the place would be completely mobbed every night.

Other noteworthy happenings from 1967: The Los Angeles Times ran a story about four men who blinded themselves by staring at length into the sun while high on LSD (the whole thing was later revealed as lies), microwave ovens made their market debut and cost $495 each (a high-school dropout had developed the prototype just a few years earlier), and Frank and Nancy Sinatra hit number one on the Billboard charts with "Somethin' Stupid," a catchy and outwardly sweet song whose detailing of unrequited romantic love is rendered repulsive by the father-daughter duet.

Happy hours: Daily 4–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2–$3 pints (Coors Light), $6–$7 pitchers (Genesee, PBR), $3.50 wells, $4.50 wine.

Bonus: Wed 4 pm–close brings $1 pints/$3 pitchers of Hamm's! recommended