I'm unimpressed with Top Pot, and prefer the smaller neighborhood type makers, but yes, I favor doughnuts over donuts and wish they were doughnoughts or doughnaughts.
Mighty-O is dreck.

Top Pot maple frosted or Pink Rainbow (aka the Homer Simpson) forever.
Veganism is lame. Top Pot kicks ass.
When I first moved to Seattle, I lived a block from the Top Pot on Summit.

Oh. My. Christ. I'm surprised I didn't gain forty pounds. Bullseyes and Pink Feather Boas, please.
Oi! Where's my gluten-free donuts?!
Not containing wheat > not containing animals.
Mighty-O all the way. Top Pot is tasty, but way too greasy.
Go Mighty-O, Go!
Ill take safeway's
I like the idea of Mighty-O more than I like their actual donuts. Top Pot wins, in my book.
I agree with Queen of Cups. There's plenty of vegan options for the damn hippies, but until I get my GF dough-whatevers for we celiacs, Top Pot and Mighty O can both bite me.

The only ones I've found are/used to be in Maple Valley, but I think that's closed. They were kind of lame.
I've lived in Seattle for 15 years and haven't found a doughnut worth even taking a piss on.
Vegan baking still hasn't figured out how to avoid too much vegetable oil and sugar to make up for the lack of egg/dairy/lard -or- conversely to avoid dry blandness once people started pointing out the oil and sugar overload. Eat plain fruit for a sweet instead. I'll be at Top Pot.
No love for Frost?

I'll take Westernco Donuts any day.

Two super cheap old fashions with blizzard white all sugar frosting and a tall styro cup of coffee.
i agree with @9. if i'm gonna eat a donut, it should at least taste like a donut. i like em all, and sometimes i'll do 3 Krispy Kremes with a pint o' beer and smile. let's not kid ourselves, eating "healthy donuts". have some good bread if you're worried about lard/sugar/pink feather boas!
Mighty O doughnuts taste like overly sweet muffins. Top Pots can be good or too heavy/greasy, depends on the day and time. Too bad that Golden House Bakery & Treats--the White Center home of seriously excellent doughnuts--is too small/busy to have a PR firm to book them on the Food Network.
Family Donut on Northgate Way beats those Top-Pot greasy doorstops with a stick.
Reminds of that long forgotten, and possibly, I heard, worst selling sub pop single from "the legend" the song Do Nuts (b/w rockaway beach). All spoken word if I recall.
I hjart Mighty O with all my hjart.
I'm not vegan and I can't eat wheat but I still salivate at the thought of the Mighty-O's I used to savour back in the day...
Wow, the spambot @ 17 is trying a new trick: Copying and pasting someone else's post! (It's new to me, so if this has been around a while, kindly keep it to yourself.)
vegan donuts lol
@23 I'm sure she's laughing all the way to the bank, since she won the challenge.
My vote is for Lafeen's in Bellingham.…

DONUTS, btw.
Top Pot, Frost Donuts with their amazing Smokey Maple Bacon Bar, Krispy "Hot Donuts Now" Kreme, and sorry but Might O, a distant fourth.
Mighty-O as in mighty o-verrated.
RE: The mighty-o hate - I'm sure they're all choked up about losing the "some anti-vegan trolls with access to the internet" vote.

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