Food & Drink May 11, 2011 at 4:00 am

Brian Brooks and Jaime Mullins-Brooks, Owners of Hunger


What color is the louche for red absinthe? Pink? I'm curious. I've been very happy every time I've had absinthe.
terrible service. I went when it was first opened. There was no ventilation so the dining room was completely smokey and let smelling like smoke. Service was slow and the brunette waitress was veriy impolite and did not apologize about the slow service. The french toast we ordered was cold on arrival. I'm suprised this place is open still.
not sure why my comment was taken down but here it is again.

I am a food critic and this place is sort of pricey for what you get.

the place needs ventilation, faster service and hotter foods.

I have been going here once a week since they have opened and it is fantastic. The food is good and well priced...the cocktails are amazing and the owners are really cool and friendly to everyone who walks in the door. It is obvious that yelp98103 does not know anything about food and is in no way a food writer...they cant even put together a simple sentence without grammatical errors!!

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