Description: Located in Wallingford, the Grizzled Wizard is a congenial hangout with dive-bar flourishes. The space is dark and narrow, but with airy ceilings and lamps casting flattering red light. A giant mural depicts a haunted-looking wizard who's vaguely sexy, garnished with the swirling of magical lightning bolts that drift from his fingers. (It's an homage to a favorite neighborhood vagrant—a bearded and rumpled fellow who's always out wandering.)

Past happenings: Before the Griz, a different bar occupied the building. Tipper Heather says it had literally no ambience—inside were some tall metal racks, neon booze signs, and nerdy loners. It also had no signage and its name was unknown, so regulars called it Gary Coleman's Fight Club. (One carryover: the charmingly satanic painting of Saved by the Bell's Mario Lopez, doused in blood, his eyes aglow.)

Bonus: An inventive selection of infused vodka, including Swedish Fish and Skittles. It's good with soda, the bartender says.

Happy hours: Daily 4–8 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $3 wells, $3 drafts (Lagunitas IPA, Totem Pale), $2 tallboys (Olympia, Rainier), $1.50 domestic cans (PBR, Hamm's), $1 off calls.

Happy-hour food specials: None, but the sandwiches (meatloaf, grilled cheese with bacon) are well regarded and reasonably priced ($6–$7). recommended