Description: Located on Capitol Hill, Sun Liquor Distillery is much larger than the original iteration not far away, but outfitted with the same understated decor. Clean, glossy wood is everywhere, and collections of mid-century oddities keep the scene interesting. A display case holds a range of badminton artifacts, with trophies, manuals and antique birdies. Hanging giantly overhead: the emblem for Lady Fingers firecrackers—the kind that go off in a rapid bundle so sudden and peppy you wish you were dead. The image depicts a woman's hand—clawlike, charmingly deformed, her fingers managing to be chubby and slender at the same time. It's worth staring at.

Bonus: They fresh-squeeze the juice, and the taste incites a showering of wholesome memories: squirrel's ears, grandpa's suspenders, beards dipped in honey. Even the booziest drinks seem healthful. (Worth noting: They are currently distilling their own gin, which should be available for sale by early October.)

Fair warning: It's usually packed, and all the loud voices bring a rushy, airport feeling. You're better off coming early.

Happy hours: Daily 5–7 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $2 off select cocktails (the $5 Scarlet Lady has gin, lemon juice, house-made grenadine, and champagne), $3 wells.

Happy-hour food specials: None, and the menu is limited—if you want something other than a burger, go somewhere else. ($8–$10 burger baskets served with shoestring fries, veggie patties available.) recommended