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Eating at Dot's Delicatessen Is Like Having Great Sex

Kelly O


Quality is used 4 times in this article.
I checked my thesaurus. Maybe these words would have worked better:


Also, setting up next to Paseo's means lots of street traffic, and a place to go to avoid long lines. Not a stupid move in my book
While we're on the grammar train ... the name of the Cuban restaurant on Fremont Ave is Paseo, why do you always refer to it in the possessive form?

The Stranger's employs a writer named Paul's who mostly writes about books that he buys at Walgreen.
Really? Like Great Sex?
Can you actually get pregnant from eating there?
TheRealHank: The two times Paul uses "Paseo's" he is correctly using the possessive to refer to their Cuban sandwich! The second time it's implied: "a sandwich...just as good as Paseo's" Cuban sandwich! Dot's can't make a sandwich as good as Paseo. A sandwich can't be as good as a restaurant, silly!
Haha, RealHank's called out for being an idiots.
Meanwhile, in the real world:
I thought the BLT and the Reuben were easily on par with the best in the city. Pricey per pound, but really good.
I totally agree with this review, Dot's is fantastic, the food is all yummy and healthy, the people working there are very good, esp Miles and Robin. What's with all the snarky comments on grammar?
A 17 bucks a pound, I'll pass on the house-made forcemeats... 17 bucks a pount for Mortadella! Where the fuck are we?
@3: I don't think pregnancy is going to factor in to any great sex Paul might be having. FYI.
"It's rare that the meat in a sandwich becomes the focal point ..."

Really? I don't normally think to myself, "You know, I'd like a sour dough bun with lettuce and tomato. I guess I'll stick any old meat on there..."
CAMPAGNE not there any more? Au contraire, mon vieux! It, and sister cafe are still dispensing fabulous quiche down by PP...
that's not a very flattering looking sandwich
@11: Campagne closed down for many months and just recently reopened as Marche... Cafe Campagne's still there and still the same. Now I want the Cafe's cassoulet!

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