Located in the space that used to be the T-shirt shop known as Elephants Gerald (um, "Ella Fitzgerald"? I don't get it either), the Gerald evokes the easy-on-the-eyeballs and quick-with-the-highballs mid-century modern era. The proprietors are two local guys, Kevin Rothrock and Elliot Westwater, who've been friends since they went to Garfield High School together (go Bulldogs!). They told Nosh Pit that the place has nothing to do with Mad Men, so that sounds like a good thing to bring up to bug them. It opened approximately eleven minutes ago—if you're in Ballard, you could be having a drink there by now!

Kevin Mad About Plaid Rothrock and Elliot Out of Focus Westwater
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Also freshly open in Ballard today: another Po Dog.