Munich has some amazing food and Butterbrezn are amazing. It sounds so implistic when you describe it, yet everyone I know who has tried them loves them.I hope you're having Leberkassemmel for lunch. They are the only reason I miss Munich.
I know it's a more Bochum & Berlin thing, but I hope you have currywurst! & spaetzle. & pomme frite in Belgium (if you are stopping there).

..but I'm angry at you, Dan. I now, possibly *need* one of these pretzels..
Warning: those things are SO GOOD but they make you SO FAT! When I was in Munich for a couple of months several years ago, I ate those all the time because they sold them at the train station where all my friends bought cigarettes (EVERYONE smoked but me so I ate instead.) I came home and none of my pants fit me. Sad but true.
Hah. So strange...i just convinced a friend today to buy one from the bakery, telling him it will be one of the best things he'll try here (I live in Berlin) .
Tip for Dan: ask for the ones with Butter and Schnittlauch (Chives)...extra goodness

That is revolting. Who put pretzel all over my butter?
Käsebrezels are better. Shouldn't be too hard to make, although you're supposed to boil them in water with lye in it (as in, caustic). My wife just emailed me this link with a request to make 'em:…
Germany is evil for the pounds you can put on.

Warning are in danger of becoming a pudgy bear.
I call BS. due to the curvature of the earth, if you were really in Germany the photo would be rotated to the right...
Dan's posts the last few days are so sweetly provincial, the classic American abroad who only goes overseas a few times in his life. But I'm still glad he's sharing.

Having been to about 100 countries and an accumulated total of many years living on several continents, I can say that most vacation street food has a high probability of being incredibly delicious because:

(a) it tends to be made fresh with real ingredients and minimal factory-processing

(b) you're very hungry when you eat it

(c) unlike "home" street food, when traveling it's either a brand new discovery or an old favorite that you can't quite get at home and brings back fond memories of previous stays

(d) it's usually fatty, salty, sweet, meaty, or all four :-)
And please, please Dan share many more of your travel pics. Plus more urinal ones. Other countries have such interesting urinals (esp. Amsterdam). I like your travel pics even when they are just from the USA -- the recession and work commitments have left me travel-deprived the past few years so any travel fix, even vicarious, is appreciated.
Wait, I thought Slog was where we went to hear people bash on the Midwest and their love of butter. Fried butter at a state fair? Any food served at a Midwest state fair? Paula Deen cooking everything with butter? Aren't you guys supposed to be anti-butter, even as a treat?
I thought the same thing about sweet tea when I went to Georgia the first time. No, you want them to keep those things far away from you, unless you want to weigh 300 lbs soon. Vacation is vacation, you can't eat anything chock full of butter or sugar on even kind of a regular basis without joining the ranks of so many obese americans.
@11 - Don't you ever talk about butter! Butter and I love each other!
@13: You fool, butter and I are running off to elope, you should have treated her better when you had the chance!
@11, butter is great. Butter is not an entree. That is all.
The first time I used yeast to make a bread things, it wat make pretzel bites. It's not too hard, and tasty. We dipped them in home made jalapeño cheese sauce. (it was for a house warming)
Just please keep sending vacation pics. I need to live vicariously through your pics. It is just a little mental trip abroad every day.
@9 ending your post with a smiley face does not absolve you of sounding like a complete snob
@9: Pretty sure Dan lived for a while in Germany with his then-boyfriend (it's been a while since I read Dan's books, so please correct me if I'm wrong). So I'm not sure "provincial American abroad" is an accurate description.
@19 you're correct - he's mentioned it several times.
Your new drag name is Paula Dan…
bravehorse tavern has pretzels all over the menu!
@ 9,

Get thee to some of Dan's writings. He's lived abroad in a couple different countries. He's just sharing what gives him joy or makes him smile. I view it as his sending us all a postcard.

Yay, postcards from Dan & Terry..!
@9 Your comments today are so annoyingly self-serving, the classic American douchebag who only wants to boost yourself up through the condescension of others. But I'm still glad you're sharing. :-)

You know, if you had coco for the first time, you would think it is the best thing ever, and why oh why it isn't served in your hometown? After having coco for awhile it becomes boring, and even quaint. Seattle has plenty of flour, sugar, salt and sadly butter/fat creations like these elusive things called donuts.

The best street food I ever had that didn't make me gain ten pounds was in Mexico City, like the corn on the cob with chile powder and lime.. simple and delicious.
@19 @23 -- the provincial is that he called these most delicious goddamn things on the planet. Puhlease, he's not a 20 year old twink anymore, he's older than me! Such exaggeration is only appropriate when used by twinks (or to describe a recently had twink), and of course, French crepes.


@23 I have read all his books -- highly recommended to everyone on SLOG -- and forgot he lived abroad! My bad! I only remember him talking about blowing a guard on the Berlin Wall (or getting blown by one?).

Anyway he should write more about his youthful exploits pre-Terry before he settled down. Would be a great read and would not violate his stated rule that he doesn't talk about his (current) sex life. Dan's books are most fun in the bits when he's talking about sex.

@23 @25 As I said in my next comment (@10), I too love Dan's postcards and want many more even if only from the US. And I shared that recession has stopped my travels so I'd hardly say I was being douchey. Just a fact I've been fortunate to have sampled street food from scores of countries and at each instance they're all the most delicious things on the planet. Burp. (well, except for street food insects; still haven't developed a taste for those even though I've tried lots of species)
@26 Ymmm! I've never had that. Sounds deslih!

C'mon everyone, share your fav street food!

My personal favs: scallion pancakes in Beijing, and sweet bean filled hot cakes in Japan and South Korea. Also had some incredible doughnuts in Managua once but was ill for a month after. Literally! (though the doughnuts weren't cooked on the spot, that was the problem; never had a problem if the cooking is done in front of me)
That looks like way too much butter.
There is a pretzel stand at the Bellingham Farmer's Market that sells these, except instead of filled pretzels they sell filled pretzel sticks with chocolate filling. Too much yum.
Nice try @27, you're writing is still dripping with obnoxious.
@30: I've never had a pretzel that comes close to the pretzels in Munich - even elsewhere in Germany. I am an inveterate lover of all things bread/pastry, and I can tell you that Munich is a bakery whore's paradise. Damn I miss those pretzels.
@31 Point taken. Sorry I will try to be less obnoxious.

It's an internet law that comments lean to snark and the discharge of unconscious frustration but I try to avoid this....

But as Yoda says, there is no try, only do, and I guess I didn't do!
Geeze Louise! You Mary s a re making me ashamed to be a fag. Leave @9 alone!

Dan, if you or Terry have a paunch when you get home, I'll help you work it off. Meanwhile, talk a little about Beer Cheese on black bread. And I have forgotten...did the herring fleet get in yet? Even as far as Munich everyone goes crazy eating herring...
You guys get mean when you're not having any sex (on the blog).
My husband, a German/American dual citizen, makes these pretzels, Dan, and they are fantastic! Unfortunately, we are two states away in Montana, so that won't help you much. Anytime you wanna stop by, though, I will set you up!
@15, 29 -- I'm with you guys. The idea of sinking my teeth into a chunk of unmelted butter grosses me out. Even when I order pancakes at a diner and they come with an unmelted pat of butter on top, I scrape most of that shit to the side.
I definitely need to try that someday!

Reminds me of how much I wished we had flapjacks in the US after studying abroad in England. I got one from the cafe at Dover Castle while touring, and it was easily one of the most delicious "bar" treats I've ever tasted. I never found another one that was as good. I wish I had taken a picture!
WHAT!? Dan, I am usually on your side but come on! That has to make you a hypocrite! I remember a slog post where you derided the food that made people fat, that the food had no redeeming value. AHEM.
@40 And I guess you overlooked all fifty thousand posts about how much he loves cake?
@41: And stale cake at that!
9 you are so sweetly full of shit
Other countries have such interesting urinals (esp. Amsterdam).

World's best urinal is right here in Seattle: Mulleady's in Magnolia. And so you know, I've been to every country in Europe plus about half of East Asia.
the provincial is that he called these most delicious goddamn things on the planet

God forbid that he not be earnest, literal, and dull, like Seattle. Come on, Dan, don't y'know that you're not supposed to have so much fun, god damn it?
You've been to Moldova?
Be sure to use European-style butter, which has a slightly higher fat content.
@14. Clueless. Butter is a lesbian and she's committed to me. Please stop harassing her. You'll get nowhere.
@47 - you could not be more correct. I could not live without Paysan Breton. Land'o'Lakes and the rest of the commercial US crap are scarcely better than margarine.
Dan, I can totally make you pretzels just like that. I make them all the time and love making them for friends and family. Sadly though, I do not live in Seattle.
Eew. Just give me the plain pretzel. I never put butter on things, such as toast, though I admit it's useful as an ingredient in many recipes.
@44--What about the famous bathroom at the Madonna Inn in CA?:…

I'm not even a man and I have a Madonna Inn Men's Room Pilgrimage on my to-do list.

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