RIONE XIII • Capitol Hill: Ethan Stowell goes Roman for this Capitol Hill restaurant where makes-you-want-to-smash-things gift shop Tilden used to be on 15th Avenue. There is pasta and wood-fired pizza, and the menu reportedly won't change that much (which sounds kind of refreshing at this point), and it will very likely be very good. Eventually, the Wandering Goose, from the Volunteer Park Cafe people, will share the high-ceilinged, weathered-brick space (which looks great). "Rione" is an Italian term for a district in Rome; Rione XIII is the Trastevere district, which Wikitravel (it's a thing, apparently) says "is one of the centers of Roman nightlife; rich in pubs, restaurants, clubs."(401 15th Ave E, 838-2878,, $$)

ESSEX • Ballard: Essex is a small space with a marble bar and walnut tables and chairs and doors; it's like a British pub, but with sperm whales (Essex is the name of the ship that inspired the Pequod in Moby-Dick). Here, the owners of adjoining Delancey make their own alcohol, including a homemade fernet, different bitters, their own version of Grand Marnier with blood orange and grapefruit, and charred liqueurs made from fruits, herbs, and spices roasted in the pizza oven. They also offer oven-roasted prawns, wood-fired peppers with chili oil and lemon, and other snacks. Sounds good, and bound to be crowded. (1421 NW 70th St, 724-0471,, $$)

OUTLANDER BREWERY AND PUB • Fremont: Two guys with cool names (Dragan Radulovic and Nigel Lassiter) brew experimental beers (peanut butter and chocolate?) in a blue house in Fremont. They've also got a full beer-infused menu (including beer sausages grilled on the patio) and a phonograph to play records on. (225 N 36th St, 486-4088,, $–$$)

KICKIN' BOOT WHISKEY KITCHEN • Ballard: It's more Southern comfort food in Ballard—house-smoked meats, wood-fired steaks, and whiskey (naturally)—in an upscale/reclaimed/rustic warehouse space. KBWK is brought to you by the Matador people, which means the bar scene is bound to be a par-tay. The name is too long/concepty, but the chef is Bo Maisano—you may have enjoyed his work at 1200 Bistro or the Tin Table. (5309 22nd Ave NW, 783-2668,, $–$$)

MUTINY HALL • Roosevelt: Mutiny Hall, the fourth creation of Collins Pub owner Seth Howard, offers a beer selection familiar to fans of Collins Pub and, apparently, a pretty tasty burger. (1205 NE 65th St, $–$$)

BAMBOO • Capitol Hill: Where Teapot Vegetarian House was for 1,000,000 years on 15th Avenue, Bamboo makes pho with an emphasis on the vegetarian. The owner reportedly previously ran Pho 900 on Broadway, which, along with Septieme, got the boot for a new development there. (345 15th Ave E, 567-3399, $–$$)

TNT TAQUERIA• Wallingford: TNT is a tiny, bright-yellow taqueria in Wallingford, brought to you by CHOW Foods, the makers of the 5-Spot, Hi-Life, and Endolyne Joe's. TNT's menu features local/sustainable/natural meats (and some veggie options), and they suggest a breakfast of churros and Mexican hot chocolate. (2114 N 45th St, 322-0124,, $)

LA TOSCANELLA BAKERY & PANINOTECA • South Lake Union • The blog for local Gioia Wines says, "Finally my talented friend Enrico Ambrosetti is opening his new bakery La Toscanella Bakery & Paninoteca." It looks pretty, too. (116 Westlake Ave N, 682-1044, $–$$)

FOGON COCINA MEXICANA • Capitol Hill: Taking on the (frequently changing) space most recently occupied by Kiki, Fogon offers slightly upscaled Mexican (more specifically Michoacán-style) food, plus something called an Ultimate Margarita, in a family-friendly setting. (600 E Pine St, 320-7777,, $$)

THEORY VODKA LOUNGE • Capitol Hill: Theory Vodka Lounge is adjacent to the Social nightclub, where EVO Tapas Kitchen & Cabaret used to be. EVO lasted three months. (1715 E Olive Way, 915-2852,, $–$$)

PLAZA GARIBALDI • Lower Queen Anne: Despite the Italian-sounding name, family-owned Plaza Garibaldi serves Mexican food in Lower Queen Anne, following in the footsteps of the previous tenant, Jalisco's. (According to Wikipedia, Plaza Garibaldi is a real place in Mexico City named after a lieutenant from the Mexican Revolution and also the home of mariachi music.) (129 First Ave N, 397-4088,, $–$$)

ROCCO'S • Belltown: Rocco's is where Noodle Ranch was for a billion years and then Dope Burger was for five minutes. Per Eater Seattle, it's from the same owner as the Noc Noc and has a pressed-tin ceiling, old-timey light fixtures, and serves pizza and cocktails. (2228 Second Ave, 448-2625,, $–$$)

THE TIN LIZZIE LOUNGE • Lower Queen Anne: The Tin Lizzie Lounge is across from Toulouse Petit in Lower Queen Anne. Per Eater Seattle, it's in the MarQueen Hotel and has a pressed-tin ceiling, an old-timey armoire, and serves (nonspecified) breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (600 Queen Anne Ave N, 282-7407,, $–$$)

NEW LOCATIONS OF EXISTING PLACES: BROADCAST COFFEE • The Central District cafe comes to Capitol Hill • CEDARS • The U-District Indian favorite, now also near Seattle U • OOBA TOOBA • The local/family-owned Eastside Mexican mini-chain, now on Broadway • PHILLY BOYS CHEESE­STEAKS • Same Sodo location, now with a counter, a little seating, and a roll-up garage door instead of a truck • TOP POT DOUGHNUTS • More rings of dough, downtown at Third and Columbia • VEGGIE GRILL • The California-based all-vegan Veggie Grill chain, now in South Lake Union recommended