Rob McKenna didn't write this.


Sometimes people email The Stranger for restaurant recommendations. Apparently, they always answer. Here's one for an Asian restaurant that I just happen to really, really like.

Tom Douglas likes it. Kathlyn Ehl likes it. I'm not going to let the fact that David Goldstein, who is not a real food-eater, also likes it stand in the way—stand in the way of my recommending this local small business, when part of my platform is fostering an economic environment where such small businesses can thrive and hire new workers.

Nor am I going to let the fact that this restaurant has been closed by the health department due to violations of regulations more than once stand in my way—T-Doug (I hear that's what the bloggers call him) doesn't mind, and neither do I, and these are the kind of regulations that we need to roll back in order to keep our local economy robust and continue to create jobs as we strive to shake off our economic doldrums. To stimulate hiring in our state, we need to lower the cost and complexity of doing business here—including pesky regulations that hand-washing facilities be available AND working where food is prepared, that potentially hazardous foods be stored at safe temperatures, that toxic items shouldn't be stored perfectly safely above food. We'll save money by eliminating the health department, too! Then those people can work in the burgeoning private sector, in restaurants.

A little tummy trouble now and again is a small price to pay for job creation! Patriotism is my Pepto-Bismol. Pepto-Bismol itself is too pink, reminding one of communism, which is the opposite of my platform. I was an Eagle Scout! Go ahead and mix toxic items directly into my food. It only makes me, and our great state, stronger. I'm not afraid of any food. When I eat food, it is afraid of me.

My approach is to offer a specific idea and practical solution to meet the challenge of recommending a restaurant to you.

My vote: 663 Bistro. Join me!