Speckled & Drake is outfitted with duck-oriented novelties of every imaginable variety: taxidermied ducks, duck-hunting decoys, tiny wooden toy ducks clutching tiny wooden toy rifles, a Russian-doll-style trinket collection with shrinking ducks all in a row. Owner Justin Martinsen has a Brooklyn bar, too (it's called duckduck), and the theme of both commemorates his old hairdo: "It flipped up in the back and looked like a duck's ass." Like his hair, Justin's lounge is nostalgic-styled—it's got '60s-esque cubbies and vintage signs and slatted wood walls. S&D occupies the snug yet airy bi-level space on Capitol Hill's Olive Way where the Living Room used to be.

What else: They have free Cheetos! Not the standard crunches, but the swollen variety whose forms resemble the spongy black snakes that spritz up from certain firework tablets. Justin hypothesizes that this is how Cheetos harvests the puffs—that, following ignition, "they form long tubes that are cut into segments."

Happy hours: Daily 5–8 pm.

Happy-hour drink specials: $1 off most everything, from whiskey (including fancy-schmancy $11 Hudson Manhattan Rye, $7 Eagle Rare bourbon) to cocktails (the $9 Rootbeer Float has Art in the Age ROOT liqueur, Oola vodka, cream); also $3 wells, $2 off drafts from 5–6 pm (that means $1 Olympia!), and from 6–8 pm, $1 off selected drafts like Lagunitas Pils and Schooner Exact King Street Brown Ale.

Bonus: Sun–Wed 1 am–close, $1 off wells and drafts.

Happy-hour food special: $7 Rain Shadow Meats grilled sausage, with onions, peppers, and a side—potato salad, coleslaw, or baked beans. recommended