WESTWARD and LITTLE GULL • North Lake Union: Josh Henderson (Skillet) runs this pair of dockside places on north Lake Union, with Zoi Antonitsas (formerly of the great Madison Park Conservatory) heading up the kitchen. Westward is the "contemporary Northwest Mediterranean" restaurant, with (of course) seasonal foods cooked on (of course) a wood-fired grill, views of the lake and downtown, and a patio and beach area. Adjoining Little Gull houses a 22-seat oyster bar and upscale grocery (where, if you can stand it, "offerings" include "bottles of beer and wine, charcuterie, little snacks, wool navy blankets, sun visors, and impeccably sourced wooden rolling pins"). If you have a boat, you can boat right up to both, eat/drink, then boat away, you lucky bastard. (2501 N Northlake Way, 552-8215, $$–$$$)

• CENTRAL PIZZA • CD/Madrona/Leschi: Central Pizza is more pizza where All- Purpose Pizza used to be—at 29th and Jackson, it's sorta-kinda in the Central District, but arguably in Madrona/Leschi too—brought to you by some former Belltown Pizza people. Note: Central Pizza has a full bar and a gluten-free crust option, too. (2901 S Jackson St, 602-6333, $$)

PERCY'S AND CO. • Ballard: Percy's and Co. is named for the men's shop that once occupied its 1898 building (most recently the Old Town Alehouse). The bartenders are two Seattle guys recalled from a Brooklyn "apothecary bar," meaning drinks with tinctures made with local stuff; they have mustaches and suspenders, and they are apothecarying at Percy's, too. While the owners (same as Bimbos/the Cha Cha, Ace Hotels, and Rudy's Barbershops) hinted to My Ballard that the space once housed a speakeasy, they do not want people to think they're "doing a period piece." Okaaaaay. Most exciting: Dave Lamping, who helped make Re:Public so great, is making the probably awesome local/seasonal food. (5233 Ballard Ave NW, 420-3750, percysseattle.com, $$)

WITNESS • Capitol Hill: From veteran Seattle bartender Greg Holcomb (Knee High Stocking Company, Chez Gaudy), it's a Southern-ish place for craft cocktails on Broadway in the space formerly occupied by Five Fish Bistro (and before that, the UPS Store). The menu by chef Jesse Elliott (most recently of T-Doug's Cuoco) leans "more toward 'soul food' than 'New Southern cuisine.'" (410 Broadway E, 669-3853, $$)

BAR SUE • Capitol Hill: Located where the ill-fated Lucky 8's used to be (that's next door to Diesel and across the street from Skillet Diner, since you probably never went there), Bar Sue bills itself as "Capitol Hill's Southern Bar" (though technically Witness beat them to the punch by a week or so). (1407 14th Ave, 245-7351, $$)

BLOOM RESTAURANT • Ballard: Chef Jason Harris (formerly of Showa, Sushi Kappo Tamura, and Chiso) runs this farm-to-table Japanese restaurant (formerly the pop-up Bloom Bento, with its super-cute, returnable/reusable bento lunch boxes). He appears to have a healthy obsession with beautiful local produce, and there will be ramen. (5410 17th Ave NW, 706-8080, bloombento.com, $)

KIMCHI HOUSE • Ballard: After the owner/head chef of O'Shan Sushi retired, his daughter started this Korean deli in the same spot. She told My Ballard that they're making their own kimchi; the signature dish is grilled pork belly served with sautéed kimchi and rice. Also: kimchi fries, reportedly like chili fries but with a Korean twist. Note: cash only. (5809 24th Ave NW, 784-5322, $)

CORAZON TAQUERIA • Columbia City: Where the little Puerto Rican place El Pilon used to be, it's a taqueria that is reportedly both friendly and tasty. (5303 Rainier Ave S, Suite B, 557-7921, $)

THE MASONRY • Queen Anne: The Masonry offers wood-fired pizza and lots of craft beer (including growlers to go). Promising: The chef used to work at Cafe Lago, which has been making good wood-fired pizza since approximately 1876. (20 Roy St, 453-4375, themasonryseattle.com, $)

GEO'S CUBAN & CREOLE • Ballard: It's a Cuban and Creole cafe from Cuban-born Seattle-restaurant-vet Geordanys "Geo" Rodriguez Turro. (6301 Seaview Ave NW, 706-3117, $)

EVERGREENS • downtown: Salads! Evergreens makes them with produce that's sourced "hyperlocally" in the "biggest bowls in town." Despite the cutesy names—the "Cobbsby Show," "Walk the Flank," "My Little Skinny Greek Salad"—they're pretty good. (823 Third Ave, Suite 107, 949-8633, evergreens-salad.com, $)

MOTI MAHAL INDIAN CUISINE • Capitol Hill: This hole-in-the-wall Indian place is where Taco del Mar used to be on Broadway. Stranger sources say: "Not bad. Not great. Cheap and urban," "mediocre at best," and "I had the buffet. It was okay." (1520 Broadway, 323-9189, $)

MOVED/RENAMED: MEANDER'S KITCHEN • White Center: Now two blocks south of where it originally moved to not that long ago • TOAST BALLARD • Ballard: Formerly known as Aster Coffee Lounge • PRIME 21 • Bellevue: Formerly known as Daniel's Broiler Vintage Lounge, Prime 21 "offers the feel of a modern-day speakeas[zzzzz]y"

NEW LOCATIONS OF EXISTING PLACES: • BAR CANTINETTA • Madison Valley: In the spot where La Côte Creperie used to be in Madison Valley, it's a smaller, drinky version of the very good, Tuscan-style Cantinetta in Wallingford and Bellevue—go for the handmade pasta, stay for several cocktails • SKILLET DINER • Ballard: More Skillet goodness • THE DISH • Green Lake: More breakfast all day, plus another edition of the Wall of Hot Sauces • PECADO BUENO • West Seattle: Where Wing Dome used to be recommended