Christmas has such a drawn-out, overbearing lead-up that by the time the actual holiday arrives, everyone's pretty much ready for it to be over. And by everyone, I mean me. So sneak out the back when no one's looking, close the screen door ever-so-softly, and saunter down to the closest bar, where you can wrap yourself in a thick, leaden haze of drunkenness. In a matter of just an hour or two, you should be able to render yourself completely incapacitated, and thereby exempt from any remaining social obligations of the holiday. A number of bars around town will be open to accommodate you.

Liberty (Capitol Hill) has sushi, and what better time to sample some Japanese whiskey? The Baranof (Greenwood) will be doing a Christmas potluck of sorts. Of course, there's the 5 Point (Belltown), which may be Seattle's quintessential Christmas dive and is also serving Christmas dinner. Big Mario's (Capitol Hill) will be offering a special white crab pizza, which is not an offer you should feel obligated to accept. King's Hardware (Ballard), Linda's (Capitol Hill), and Bait Shop (Capitol Hill) are all open and pouring as well. The Rickshaw (Greenwood) is always open on Christmas, because it's a Chinese restaurant bar. Tini Bigs (Lower Queen Anne) hasn't closed for a single day in the past 17 years, so count on them to be open. I asked the guy at the Eastlake Zoo (Eastlake) if they'd be open, and he said, "I think so." I asked him if he was sure, and he said, "Yes." Krishanu Ray

Know of another bar open on Xmas? Put it in comments! recommended