Southern California native Allison Hagie feels most comfortable by the beach. As cocktail director at North Lake Union's Westward (2501 N Northlake Way, 552-8215), she gets to shake drinks before one of the best waterfront views in the city, the serenity interrupted only by the consistently massive mob that descends upon the restaurant every night. Hagie and her bar team of "sassy ladies" appease the masses with food-inspired cocktails like the Hay & Whey—Bison Grass vodka, orange liqueur, Dolin Blanc, and whey—a "frothy white drink" that she describes as herbaceous and hearty. Other concoctions are kept fresh with lots of citrus, and seasonal with occasional vegetable components like celery juice and lovage bitters.

In her spare time, Hagie is drawn to her local Lake Washington coast in Madison Park. "I have so much access to great wine [through Westward], so I just grab a bottle and sit by the water. I'm kind of mellow," she says. "I like to relax and be outdoors." But for a little neighborly bonding, she goes to McGilvra's (4234 E Madison St, 325-0834), right by Madison Beach. The Irish bar offers all-day happy-hour deals like half-price glasses of wine, plus low-key antics like soda-gun battles and placing bets on which regulars will roll in next. And after five years in the neighborhood, Hagie knows the whole staff and says it's "kind of like my Cheers. They have a pretty amazing patio, so on a nice day, it's a front-row seat to the crazy—with booze." recommended