Fans of Katsu Burger, rejoice! The tonkatsu-style burgers are back in Georgetown (6538 Fourth Ave S, 762-0752), including the mammoth Mt. Fuji burger, with its multiple patties, bacon, cheese, egg, and more. Original owner Hajime Sato said on Facebook that he couldn't maintain consistent quality at Katsu Burger—he also runs West Seattle's beloved sustainable sushi joint Mashiko (4725 California Ave, 935-4339)—so he sold the business to Stephanie Kang. Kang and her husband also own Kimchi Amigos, a newish kimchi-fried-rice burrito place in Bellevue (12700 SE 38th St, 425-971-7228). Prior to that, the Kangs ran First Hill's well-liked Sushi Kanpai (they sold it in January, after six years; it's now under new management at 900 Eighth Ave, 588-2769).

Kang says she's been a fan of Katsu Burger for a long time; when she heard it was closed, she says, "I could not let the legend go down in history." As far as the menu goes: "We're gonna stick with what works... the menu's staying exactly the same, because that's what people like." She hopes to eventually open several other Katsu Burgers in the area, including one on the Eastside.

Rigoletto is now open in South Lake Union (420 Pontius Ave, 494-9225), in a huge, antique-industrial-posh space in Amazon's new bedroom community near Mercer and I-5, close to Feierabend. While the restaurant's Facebook page says it serves "Innovative Italian Cuisine," the menu looks straight-up classic Northern Italian—and pricey, with entrées ranging up to $34. Owner Enrico Ambrosetti is the founder of nearby bakery La Toscanella (116 Westlake Ave N, 682-1044). When former Stranger sweets expert Megan Seling wrote about La Toscanella—which she loved, both for the baked goods and the pasta lunches—Ambrosetti didn't really want to talk. "When I called to find out more about him and his food ('How did you learn to make such miraculous desserts?')," she wrote two years ago, "he declined to answer, wanting us to focus just on the shop. He appears to be Italian." More biographical information on Ambrosetti was not forthcoming at press time. Rigoletto is the name of the accursed hunchbacked court jester in Verdi's famous/crazy/misogynist opera of the same name.

Meanwhile, Al Pacino ate food in Seattle last week at Pioneer Square's Il Terrazzo Carmine (411 First Ave S, 467-7797). He appeared to enjoy himself, according to an effusive write-up in the Puget Sound Business Journal. (I ate food at both Il Terrazzo and its new little sister Intermezzo Carmine [409 First Ave S, 467-7797] recently: eh.) If you're curious about why Pacino has made so many crummy movies along with his great ones, read last month's New Yorker profile of him. (Hint: $.)

Starting October 8, Wallingford "Japanese gastropub" Miyabi 45th (2208 N 45th St, 632-4545) is serving house-made ramen at lunchtime every Wednesday. Chef Mutsuko Soma makes very good food, including her own soba (which comes in "Seattle's best Bukkake style"—bukkake meaning "covered with a bunch of stuff" in Japanese). Her ramen ought to be especially good. recommended