Head Cheese or Cheese N Beef Dip.

"Koegels" (pronounced "Kegels") is funny in light of the Horse Cock comment.
@1 - I did eat just one homemade pasty (beef, pork, rutabaga) and IT WAS DELICIOUS. With brown gravy, not ketchup...
It's a tough choice but I'm going with the homemade head cheese.

I bet the dip cheese-n-beef is legit delicious, though.
Summer sausage is delicious, you and your mom are silly.
why no poll? seems poll worthy
Also worth pointing out on #10, "CUZ WER' UNDER DA BRIDGE" is a pretty awesome slogan.
What, no pickled liverwurst? Lightweights.
God I love Braunschweiger. And ring bologna.
Pork AND Venison?!? It's like a beautiful dream!

Everything else is pretty gross.
What @5 said. I really miss summer sausage. As to what I'd least like to eat? Prob'ly the head cheese, which looks pretty terrible.
@12: you don't need to miss it since you can buy it at every QFC I've ever been in.
Flap meat is just a sirloin trim; also called "the butcher's secret" as it's a cut they often know to save for themselves. Makes very good stir fries or fajitas.
Don't knock flap meat, it's just a specific cut of beef kinda like Skirt steak or flank. Makes great tacos.

And Braunschweiger is delicious!
Beat me to it @14
Head cheese is delicious. Especially the pickled varieties. I always used to think it was disgusting, but once I got over myself and actually tried it, I never thought of it as anything but yummilicious. And it honors the animal by using all of it, rather than wasting less glamorous parts.
I'd have to say pickled bologna, cuz ew, but I'd eat pretty much all of that.
Agree with @18: meat in a jar just doesn't do it for me.
Who stole the kiszka? Who stole the kiszka? Who stole the kiszka? Someone call the cops!
Tough choice. About half the products on the list sound utterly disgusting (and I'm not even a vegetarian). Head cheese? Meet in a jar? Barf. Bologna is the grossest lunch meat, regardless of the manufacturer. And while I like both venison and pork, combining it sounds like a terrible idea (also, it's probably 95% pork with a few slivers of venison thrown in for marketing purposes).

Thanks for ruining my appetite.
Flap meat is the fuckin' best. I've never had kiszka, but it looks and sounds like blood sausage, aka black pudding, aka boudin noir, which is absolutely delicious. Summer sausage is a mainstay of every Hickory Farms, Swiss Colony, or Figi's gift basket from the mall, so it's hardly weird.

I'm going to vote for picked bologna, which looks a little too much like fetus in formaldehyde for my taste.
Braunschweiger, how come you taste so good?
Braunschweiger, just like a sausage should!
I'm going to go with pickled bologna. And I don't know how many of these things are Pure Michigan (TM). As said previously, summer sausage is a delicious thing available wherever fine foods are sold, Polish meats are awesome and available at Polish markets, I had homemade head cheese in Seattle, I thought (Oh boy!) Oberto made cheesy meat sticks, and I also ate tons of rutabaga in Seattle.

However, I am definitely going to start calling summer sausage "horse cock" from now on, so thanks for that.
lips and assholes, yum.
Isn't all braunschweiger spreadable?
No tribute to Midwestern meat products is complete without smoked butt.
Ham salad was a regular in my house growing up in Michigan. I've been craving it for years but haven't managed to find it on my trips back to the mitten.

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