Dicks Drive-In co-founder Dick Spady.
Dick's Drive-In co-founder Dick Spady. Dick's Drive-In

The co-founder of Dick's Drive-in, Dick Spady, died Sunday at age 92.

Reports the Seattle Times:

Mr. Spady opened the Wallingford restaurant on Jan. 28, 1954. (He founded the company with two partners, whom he later bought out.) A hamburger cost 19 cents, and from the very beginning, Dick’s was open until 2 a.m. for those in need of late-night sustenance. ...

Mr. Spady ultimately opened seven locations of what became a local institution. After Wallingford came Broadway (established 1955), Holman Road (1960), Lake City (1963) and Queen Anne (1974, and the only location with indoor seating).

In a letter from Spady to customers on the 55th anniversary of the fast-food restaurant chain, he wrote:

Since 1954, we have strived to do our very best to serve you high quality food, at low prices, with fast service. It is not a complicated business model, but your support means that we've done something right and that business integrity does have its rewards.