White Center is not Seattle.
Yes, for what it's worth, Dino's is definitely the best in town. It's also a good bar with cheap drinks.
Anyone still complaining about a lack of good pizza in Seattle hasn't been paying attention over the last five years.

Did you consider Sizzle Pie, Southpaw, or old standbys Pagliacci and Zeek's in your ratings?
(but yes, Dino's is obviously the best)
Big Mario's is the best NY-style slice in Seattle. Curious if whoever wrote this has ever had a slice on the east coast before.
I don't get the obsession with NY Style pizza. It is good, it isn't life changing. Apparently it is close to the soul of all the transplants though.
Veraci's cheese pizzas are not as great, but their vegetarian ones are fabulous!

@3 It is strange that they didn't go to Pagliacci if they were looking for cheese slices, although the Pagliacci on Broadway isn't as good as the one on the Ave. I agree Zeek is great.
Before clicking on this story I was all set to call BS if Dino's wasn't at least in the top three. Well played.
I'm curious why you didn't try World Pizza in the International District? They have excellent all vegetarian pizza. The Greek slice is one of the best in the city IMHO.
SliceBox on first ave next to Filsons store is one of the best, and they are very affordable. you missed the boat on this one.
Dino’s is correct.

Veraci’s crust is criminally short on salt, which makes it taste like what every dough lacking salt tastes like: cardboard. It disappoints me every time it’s been long enough for me to forget and try it again.

Missing from this list: Slice Box in SoDo (although their Sicilian is far superior to their round pie) and Supreme in West Seattle (brand new from Mark Fuller of Ma’ono and New Luck Toy).
None of you know anything about pizza (or this article apparently because it states clearly why they didn;t include Zeeks and Pags. Read folks.)
And the person included on this trip who lived on the East Coast must not have lived in NYC cause choosing bready, square Sicilian pizza as the top pizza in Seattle and brushing aside Hot Mama's? Nope. And I've got news for all of you, Big Mario's Pizza is NOT New York style. It's Washington, DC style and that is befuddling because DC has the worst pizza in the world. Big Mario's is not the worst, but it's not good.

As a native New Yorker who's been here for 22+ years, I can say I've been through my share of Seattle-pizza-hating years. But I've come around and realized that, as the saying goes, "Even bad pizza is still pizza." And really, Seattle pizza ain't so bad, unless it's Big Mario's which is a travesty.
Your list doesn't include Northlake Tavern. It is therefore irrelevant.
Speaking of New York and pizza...

On my first visit to New York in the spring of 2015 -- well, not my first-ever visit, but my first visit in a long time -- I passed by a place on 6th Ave in Greenwich Village, 99¢ Fresh Pizza, where you can get a cheese slice for, yes, 99¢. I'm sure pizza connoisseurs would never go near any of these places (you'll find them here, swooning over $5 slices), but they pull in an endless stream of customers and, for a quick bite to eat, they're perfectly fine with me. My favorite location is the one on Stanton St, on the Lower East Side.

Here's a 2010 article about them -- and a inexpensive competitor, 2 Bros Pizza -- in the NY Times: Where a Meal Can Cost a Fortune, 99¢ Piz…. Interesting that they've managed to keep their slice price at 99¢ since 2010.

On my third visit, last spring, I went to a place called L&B Spumoni Gardens in the Gravesend neighborhood of Brooklyn because it was mentioned by someone in the book City Secrets: New York City. They sell Sicilian-style slices there for $2.75. Again, probably not a place you'll find pizza connoisseurs, but many happy customers and fine with me. I also loved the people-watching.
I live in White Center and have a Seattle address. Love Proletariat!
Also they only tested places who sold by the slice which was stated, therefore Northlake Pizza Tavern was not a contender! :/
@12 Sicilian vs. Neapolitan style is admittedly a matter of personal taste, but have you been to Hot Mama's recently? Years ago it was noticeably better than it is now (the Stranger agrees, as it has reviewed Hot Mama's very favorably in the past). I don't know the reason for the slide. It may have to do with wanting to keep their prices lower than their more recent competitors. That said, I still go there once in a while as it's the closest to where I live. I think their placement on this list -- the best of the also-rans -- is just about right.
I know I know, slices only review.
But if you want the best pizza in the city, Italian Family Pizza on First Hill.
Love that famous slice
Sad you limited this to by-the-slice places only. Italian Family Pizza on Madison is HANDS DOWN the BEST pie in town I've ever had in my 28 years here. Serious real NY pizza made by a real east-coast Italian family. Damn, I'm hungry now.
Seattle native* here. I don't think I will ever get used to pizzas being called "pies." I must be very old.

*(well, born in Wisconsin but moved to Seattle at age 2)
@18, @20,

The Stranger is too polite to mention it, but I'm not. Here's a quick read about the proprietors of Italian Family Pizza. Still feel like giving them your money?
Who the fuck cares about some isolated incident? Italian Family Pizza still makes an outstanding pizza and provides a hospitable environment for my family
Judging pizza by slices is not a fair way to compare - way too many other variables at play. Did they get a fresh-out-of-the-oven slice or a sitting-there-for-3-hours slice? The best way to judge a pizza is by the whole pie - at its freshest. Check out for some real pizza reviewing.

You think that's an isolated incident? When in your life have you ever known racist homophobic asshole behavior to be a one-time thing? Like folks who believe in racial equality and gay rights just have bad days, and, you now, just snap sometimes?
Born and raised in New Jersey. Dino's is a fucking embarrassment, Italian Family is dogshit. There is no good pizza in Seattle. Best attempt is Serious Pie and Flying Squirrel both non slice. Proletariat is passable. Trying the new one in West Seattle this week.
It's just pizza

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