Food & Drink Jun 10, 2024 at 5:08 pm

Things Got Messier Than a Red Mill Veggie Burger in Slack

The El Diablo at the Alpine Diner. COURTESY OF ALPINE DINER



Katsu Burger.

That is all.


Damn. Of all the weeks I had to be out of town for a conference, this had to be the one. I'll have to catch up next weekend. Really looking forward to trying that vegan burger at Sunlight Cafe.


Five Guys. Period. (They're outside Seattle, in Renton, but still, worth the quick trip.)


Is Red Mill still owned by a bunch of racists?


Five Guys has a few Seattle locations (Ballard, Northgate, probably others)


Probably in the minority here, but I wish Seattle burger joints had fewer "brioche-as-default" (too sweet), as well as have toasty buns by default. So many sad, squooshy rolls.


Ethan Stowell’s burger at Red Cow in Madrona is also outstanding. Also I can’t believe none of you mentioned Ox Burger, which is right in Cap Hill.

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