My daughter was cheering me on while I was coloring it, and shes thrilled I won it (and sad she couldnt submit one herself). —Todd Dowler, First Place Winner
"My daughter was cheering me on while I was coloring it, and she's thrilled I won it (and sad she couldn't submit one herself)." —Tony Dowler, First Place Winner of The Stranger's Adult Coloring Contest

And the first place prize goes to ... Tony Dowler! Learn more about how his creation came to fruition—and what he plans to do with the prizes—below. You can also peep the stellar first runner-up cover by Emily Hall, and find out about her intriguing inspirations, Easter Eggs and processes as well....

What tools/mediums did you use to produce such fantastic colors?
Tony Dowler: For materials, I have a huge bag of random pens and markers I carry around everywhere. The main colors are Copic markers, but I backed them up with gel pens, sparkly gel pens, paint pens, ballpoint pens, and highlighters. You can't see all the sparkles in the picture I took, which is a shame.

Any particular inspirations?
My inspiration was the drawing itself: the psychic authority of the mighty Sasquatch! The mystic emanations of the diabolical iPhone! The mystery of the pool balls and the enigmatic eye!

How long did it take you to finish?
I basically put the cover on my drawing table and worked on it a bit every time I walked by for a week or so. I probably spent 4-5 hours on it. I've got a full-time job in addition to being an artist, so having a project I can work on a little at a time is pretty awesome. Besides, coloring is just plain fun.

Were you high while coloring?
I'm sorry to say I wasn't high when I colored this, except maybe on coffee and beer. I don't partake at all, although I've got no issues hanging out with those who do.

What will you do with your winnings? Any particular beers you want to try at Old Stove Brewing Co.? And who will you be taking on your wine tasting at Mercer Estates?
I reckon my wife and I will grab some high class friends for our wine tasting at Mercer Estates. Then I'll head down to the Old Stove Brewing Co. and buy a round for my gaming cronies. I can't wait to see what they've got on tap. :)

Adult coloring contest first runner up submission by Emily Hall
Adult coloring contest first runner up submission by Emily Hall

What tools/mediums did you use to produce such fantastic colors?
Emily Hall: I used neon gel pens!

Any particular inspirations?
One year ago, I packed a single suitcase and took a one-way flight to Seattle that I have not come to regret. There is no better place on the Earth for a young, single, creative feminist to flourish. Most important to me is the liberal sociopolitical climate of the city, as well as the creative Underground. I feel empowered to dye my hair blue, to never wear a bra, to dress as androgynously as I choose, to participate in political activism, and above all, to be the version of myself that I like best. An additional source of inspiration while completing this piece was the Blue Scholars’ discography (of which my favorite songs are “The Ave,” and “50 Thousand Deep”).

How did you decide on all the rad Easter eggs (pictures) that you drew in?
The Easter Eggs serve as a non-exhaustive list of my favorite things about Seattle:

Ijeoma Oluo, Ellen Forney, Mayor Jenny Durkan; the “Take a Knee” picket sign from the MLK Day march; the Seahawks; Monkey Loft, Kremwerk, Foundation Nightclub, USC Events; Sikdope, Odesza, Marshmello, Illenium; Mod Pizza, Rainier Beer, Schultzy’s Bar & Grill; Lyft, Tinder...

The igloo features three works of graffiti from the U District, as well as one of Mini Punk’s pervasive tags. The six persons included are in reference to TUBS, a historic Seattle graffiti spot which was demolished before my time.

How long did it take you to finish?
It took me the full two weeks to finish, as I actually colored the entire page once, was not satisfied with the result, and started over from scratch at the last minute.

Were you high while coloring? What flavor did you smoke most? And do you think it helped fuel your righteous coloring skills?
Yes! I’ve been almost exclusively smoking Wildwood Farms’ Banana OG (Indica). At 3.5g/$23, it’s the best deal currently at American Mary, and if I’m not mistaken, that is because one of their budtenders' father owns the farm. Marijuana use removes creative blocks and distractions, and allows me to concentrate solely on art.

What will you do with your winnings? Anything particular you want to try at Cupcake Royale, and Soi?
I am overjoyed that I’ll be able to take my best friend to Soi and order a (vegetarian) spicy 5-star dish! As for Cupcake Royale, I’ll probably have to go with the Red Velvet!