the most exciting arts party in the city is on Saturday, September 24, at the Moore Theatre, at 8:00 p.m.

It's the 14th Annual Stranger Genius Awards. The Stranger believes the mainstream media does a terrible job of talking about good art and what makes it good. The Genius Awards are our way of doing something about that—shining the light of media attention on the artists who are doing revolutionary things in their studios. And giving them the money they need to keep doing it.

In this issue, you'll find profiles of the 15 artists nominated for Stranger Genius Awards this year. Five of them will leave the party with $5,000 each. Nominees are selected by critics at The Stranger, and those critics vote in a blind ballot along with all previous Stranger Genius Award winners to select this year's recipients. None of us know who this year's winners are until it's announced from the stage at the Moore.

The Seattle Rock Orchestra will be hosting the party, and they have a few surprises up their tuxedo sleeves, including live musical collaborations with a few of this year's music finalists. The other four categories artists are nominated in are literature, performance, art, and film.

Pull out your best clothes, get your shoes shined, prepare for a night of dancing and merrymaking, and meet us at the Moore a week from Saturday.

It's free. And fun. And we'd love to see you there!

And the 2016 Genius Award nominees are:


Silas Blak

Erik Blood

Hardly Art


Noelani Pantastico

Emily Chisholm



Lindy West

Robert Lashley

Wave Books


Barbara Earl Thomas

Rob Rhee

Mario Lemafa


Mel Eslyn

Tracy Rector

Sandi Cioffi

Thanks to our 2016 presenting sponsors Billy O’Neill, Case Van Rij, Clutch Cannabis, and Amazon Literary Partners for making these awards possible.