Martin Selig is an asshole. Delayed payments to contractors to squeeze them. He is a Trump wannabee. No expectations for him to do the right thing.


But also, FEC filings show that Selig has donated the max to Trump's re-election campaign. So he's good with ICE and what they're up to.


I assume the lease arrangement is, as is the case with pretty much all federally leased properties, between GSA and the property owner. So, Selig is probably correct in explaining that he just rents space to the federal government, and they decide which agency to put there. It could just as easily have been the EPA in that space.


Classic "I don't even have to care about you" response. Selig couldn't have handled it better, really.


As hbb points out, Mr. Selig isn't renting space to ICE, he's renting space to GSA, the Federal government's agency that leases and maintains office space for all other Federal agencies.

Sure Mr. Selig could've been much less dismissive in his response but Ms. Somers could've also done her homework before asking the question.


*Ms. Somerson, blaaah autocorrect


Yep, looks like Martin Selig is big into giving to republicans. Sad.


The US government stopped almost 1.5 million Jews from seeking refuge. We know the story of the St Louis of course, but 1.5 million eligible Jews were denied entry by the State Department. We don’t have to imagine what would have happened. It did happen, and we know the result. The US allowed only about 140,000 Jews to enter, and many of those were interned in camps.


Fun Fact: Selig is a dirtbag grifter and ripoff artist who has repeatedly and notoriously left the city on the hook for millions of dollars in unpaid utility bills, fees, and taxes. He is also notorious for not paying contractors and vendors.

So of course Selig would donate to dirt bag republicans who also don't pay their bills.


I'm no Selig fan, he sounds like a dirtbag, but this is an idiotic article. Somebody do some research, either the writer or the editor.


Of the many horrors of the Tr666p regime, seeing wealthy Jews like Stephen Ross, the Kushners, Gary Cohn, Martin Selig, and countless others cheer for concentration camps and Nazism for immigrants and refugees—along with the rest of us once the regime has exterminated those groups—has been the most sickening.

The real story of Tr666pism is the betrayal of us all by the sociopathic, greedy 1%.


The holocaust happened. Modern day ICE concentration camps didn’t happen.

Come here legally, period.

Wonder how much human traffickers are donating to The Stranger to run shit pieces like this.


“Sadly, “never again” is happening right now.”

Wrong, it is not happening again. Not even close.

Migrants aren’t being deported. ILLEGAL aliens are being deported. Your fact-free rhetoric is doing nothing but increasing baseless fear within the LEGAL immigrant community.

It’s disgusting.


Thank you and great job to Wendy and everyone else involved in Never Again action. It's heartening to see folks with the courage to stand against injustice.


@15 Nope. Seeking asylum is LEGAL. And most of these in the concentration camps, and yes they meet all the definitions of concentration camps [ ] , ARE attempting to apply for LEGAL asylum. And most have attempted to enter the US at LEGAL ports of entry, where they are detained, separated from their children, sexually and physically abused, and held for indefinite periods.


I am so sick and tired of the Nazi bullshit. I'm a fucking jew. Republicans are not fucking Nazis. Sure, those jerkoffs that chanted "jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville were "neo-nazis" but they are fucking pussies. They aren't "hurting" anyone other than emotionally with their 1st amendment rights. So fuck them.
Selig rents shit. People rent his shit. He doesn't care who rents 1 building out of 100 he owns, as long as they fucking pay. The government, they fucking pay.
In Nazi Germany, they found everyone who was Jewish and rounded them up, stole their shit and forced them into slave labor, tortured them or killed them.
Jews who never committed a crime. Jews who were citizens of fucking Germany.
I don't give a fuck if you are latino or white or black. If you crossed a border illegally, you committed a fucking crime. Sure, we should change immigration law, but we haven't.
And the money Congress (despite AOC) just gave ICE has ensured these people who are committing a crime no matter if you want to admit it or not are given good, water, shelter, and medical care.
Stop comparing Selig, Republicans and Trump to Nazis. They aren't fucking Nazis. Trump's own fucking son in law is a fucking orthodox Jew. And I fucking hate Trump.
Fuck you all.


@ 18,

None of those atrocities happened overnight. They started out slowly—just as they are now—over the course of a few years until they reached such ferocity that the Nazis overwhelmed people’s ability to fight back.

Will anyone be surprised when we find mass graves created by ICE & the Border Patrol? Not after that secret Facebook group where thousands of them mocked refugee and immigrants’ deaths—even children!—while calling for the rape and murder of a US congresswoman for helping expose their crimes.

History is clear: When they’ve either murdered or deported THEM, they’re coming for US next.


@ 18,

And if you think that Stephen Ross, the Kushners, Gary Cohn, Martin Selig, et al., won’t gleefully push your dead body into a mass grave for a dollar, then you’re really in for a big surprise.


Man, Seattle has become kind of fucked. I can't believe the right wing trolls (? or just assholes?) who seem like they have to deny shit that is in front of their faces -- kids in cages, families separated, denying that filing for asylum is a human right, denying that Drumpf's racist rhetoric is pushing white supremacists to commit horrible acts of violence. Does it make them feel better to write that shit out? Does it justify the lack of humanity or compassion? Isn't it obvious that white supremacy and not any kind of rational thinking is fueling the anti-immigration ranting (given the data on immigration and how much immgirants benefit the US, and how they don't steal jobs, and how they don't drain resources from the economy)? Is it because they're republicans and they think they have to defend a republican president, no matter how bad shit gets? Who cares if Selig has any shame, he needs to be confronted. White supremacists must be afraid of how current minorities will treat them once they become minorities in the US -- which is going to happen soon.


Sure, those jerkoffs that chanted "jews will not replace us" in Charlottesville were "neo-nazis" but they are fucking pussies. They aren't "hurting" anyone other than emotionally with their 1st amendment rights. C'mon guys nobody got hurt in Charlottesville.


Wait, why would whites be worried about becoming a minority in America? Are minorities treated badly in this country or something?



The majority of folks being targeted by ICE never crossed a border illegally. Living in the US without authorization is not a crime. Those that did cross a border committed a misdemeanor offense.

And there's been plenty of reports that folks being held in Selig's building are not being treated humanely or given adequate care.


Is there a line forming that one can join to confront Martin Selig? He is Seattle's own Mr. Burns.


"Concentration camps". Lol. Yeah, you mean the ones OBAMA BUILT? Funny how the lefties gloss over that fact reeeeaaal quick conveniently. Didn't give a shit about those "concentration camps" before did you when Obama built them, and was in office. But as soon as Trump became pres, all of a sudden those are "concentration camps". Go fuck yourself you hypocritical, self-righteous cunts!


Selig is no trump wannabe. Selig is what trump always aspired to be, but could never quite attain: Successful.

And yes, he's always been kind of a creep. Now that I think of it, I don't believe there's one big philanthropical thing he's done for the city, which is unusual - wealthy Jewish families in Seattle have always been quite generous.


18 posted:
"The majority of folks being targeted by ICE never crossed a border illegally. Living in the US without authorization is not a crime. Those that did cross a border committed a misdemeanor offense.
And there's been plenty of reports that folks being held in Selig's building are not being treated humanely or given adequate care."

These are 4 separate issues:

"The majority of folks being targeted by ICE never crossed a border illegally."

That may be the case. regardless, they are being targeted for being unauthorized.

"Those that did cross a border committed a misdemeanor offense."

Yes, they did commit a crime. It's enough a crime you can be sentenced to jail on the first offense. Not to mention the common practice of identity theft that occurs in order to gain employment.

"Living in the US without authorization is not a crime."

In itself, no it's not a crime. It is a civil violation. Interesting thing about civil violations is the illegal alien doesn't have the right to an attorney. Bet you wish it was a criminal violation...

"And there's been plenty of reports that folks being held in Selig's building are not being treated humanely or given adequate care."

Yea, there have been reports. Not the same thing as proof. That said, they should be treated humanely, and given adequate care. The humane treatment part includes making sure they get their day in court asap, then sent back home to continue on with life.


Doesn't this reprobate owe Seattle City Light a huge pile of cash?


@29 sooo, yeah. That sounds right. They should be treated humanely, get a speedy hearing with reasonable representation (no three year olds asked to make their own case in a foreign language), and not be racially profiled.

Seperately, our immigration system that regularly blocks grad students at MIT from re-entry maybe just possibly needs a tune up. Those reprobates guaranteeing American superiority through the world's best research have to be kept out, I guess, or at least that's the result of Trump's policies (and sure, there were problems before that; calls for imegration reform started more than three years ago... but things are emperically worse under Trump).

So if this is, in fact, bipartisan as you seem to imply, let's see a fix. But since conspiracy theories about imegration are the cornerstone of Trump's policies, I think we know it isn't bipartisan, Trump isn't actually getting people processed faster but re-torturing people fleeing for their safety or blocking people with legitimate claims or participating in the economy that enables immigrants to be treated as near slaves and thus strips US citizens wanting similar jobs of any power too.

After all, isn't it illegal to hire an undocumented immigrant? When will businesses get their day in court?


31 It is illegal to hire an illegal...knowingly. If a person comes to you with legit ID and SS$ what is a business owner going to do, question their status? Not a chance.


@27 Don't be a dolt. There was separation under the Obama administration in cases where the parents were viewed as a threat to the child. Trump's default policy is to separate all children from their parents and lock them into camps in huge numbers,and the conditions in these places meet the definition of concentration camps.


This direct action is great... but I gotta know, since y'all are putting your religion front and center. Why did Jewish Voices for Peace not utter a f-cking word for the 8 years Obama was locking up and raping immigrant kids? Do Jews only give a sh-t when Republicans are in the White House? Are you only against fascist some of the time?


Why we need to challenge Jewish Voices for Peace's moral relativism: The political supremacy of the bourgeoisie does not rest on moral right, it rests on power.

No matter how many Panama Papers, no matter how many Epsteins, no matter how many degrees of global warming, no matter how many refugees drown in the Mediterranean, no matter how many immigrant children die in Trump's concentration camps, the dictatorship which flows from the private ownership of capital will adapt to accommodate our slipping moral expectations with brutality and coercion.

Never trust that a system which accommodated itself to slavery will ever bend to such niceties as ‘evidence’ or ‘rationality’ or ‘the right thing to do’: such edifices only collapse if they are smashed.


Of course Martin doesn't care what you think. Where were you when Obama deported way more people annually than Trump ever has. Silent I am sure. Of course you have overlooked the US governments refusal to allow in hundreds of thousands of News during WWII. ICE can do a better job. Give them more resources. I am sure your plan would be to abolish them. And let's not forget the flight of the Palastinians in Israel. I'm exhausted thinking of all of the much more important issues you have ignored. Confronting Martin makes a good headline. He stares down people all day long. You were nothing but a speck of dust to him.


@35 don't be a dolt. Read @27 then @33, and don't buy right wing lies.


"the government controls who rents in his privately-owned building"?

You'd think Selig, of all people, would know how the whole "private property" thing works.


I'm an immigrant, a legal one who spent countless amounts of time and money going through the correct legal channels. Thank you Martin & ICE for helping to uphold the law and to not make a mockery of folks like myself or refugees who go about their business legally.


In a few years, will Martin say "I didn't KNOW"?


WTF is wrong with everyone. Don't you understand you make yourself look like a fucking idiot, when you compare anyone who is racist, anyone who puts anyone in jail or a "cage" as a Nazi.

This entire fucking thing reminds me of the GOP and the deficit. They riled the masses, opposed anything and everything because "the fucking deficit". They never really gave a shit before and definitely don't give a fuck now. But to hurt Obama they went fucking ape shit over the deficit.
Immigrants have been fucked over for decades. Basically forever. They actually have it better now than they did for a long, long time. Clinton, other Dems they told them to go the fuck home. And they weren't Nazis, I don't think.
I understand some of you want unlimited immigration. That no one, ever should be jailed for anything or something. That kids should never be "in cages". But what the fuck do we do with a kid who just swam across the Rio Grande with his parents who arent really his parents but fucking traffickers using them to get across? Send them to foster care? Try to find their mother fucking parents? Give them food, water and shelter until we figure it out?
This is NOT Nazi fucking Germany. Jews were not storming the Southern border of Germany by the thousands. They already fucking lived there. ICE is NOT the gestapo. Stop fucking comparing the worst of the worst to the bad that needs to be improved.
You're literally shooting yourself in the foot. But hey who gives a fuck if AOC can grandstand while refusing to vote Yes for more funds for ICE that would literally help the fucking kids in fucking cages. I mean how small of a cage are we talking here? Like tiger cage, or like chicken cage? Some cages are fucking nice, just look at Pablo Escobar's "cage" but I digress.
Fuck you all


Maybe stop being pedantic about labels and focus on actions.


@43 fuck you big worded motherfucking fuck. Suck a dick or a clit. You're the fucking pedantic for talking like an asshole



"That said, they should be treated humanely, and given adequate care."

Well, we found one point of agreement. Progress, I suppose.


@38. Don't be a dolt. Those pictures of children in cages are from times of Obama's administration. Proven fact, dolt. :)


Go sit on a cactus sideways you stupid git.


ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS! ICE only enforces the law. Notice how this crazy leftist never mentions once that she is talking about ILLEGAL immigrants. Grow up, please. And if it is the law itself you would seek to change, please go about that lawfully, through Congress. Until then, grow up!

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