We're nearly three weeks deep into fall, which means the 2018 edition of the Stranger's Happy Hour Guide is on stands now!

Inside, you'll find our recommendations on the best happy hours near light rail, the best happy hours for you and your dog, our favorite happy hours with international flavor, and the best happy hours for beer geeks. But you'll also find our favorite weed happy hours (did you even know these existed?) as well as our favorite happy hours where you can enjoy upscale dining and drinks for low-scale prices.

We also had thousands of readers weigh in about their favorite Seattle bartenders in a survey we conducted back in September, and you'll find Q&As with the five winners—Amber Walsh of Saint John's Bar & Eatery, Darci Carlson of Drunky's Two Shoe Barbecue and Dottie's Double Wide, Elizabeth "Hefe" Farman of The Crocodile and Chop Suey, Karuna Long of Oliver's Twist, and Marcus Emery of the Matador and the Nook.

Of course, there were several bartenders who didn't earn enough votes to claim a victory, but came close enough that we felt they were deserving of a shout-out for being awesome. They are: Oliferous Maximius (Mercury), Daniel Velazquez (Chop Suey), Chris Peterson (Percy's & Co.), Kayleigh King (Quarter Lounge), Marco Haines (Herb & Bitter), Natalie Bair (Kremwerk), Rene Hayashi (13 Coins), Sarah Kelley (Belltown Pub), Tessa Engler (Monkey Loft), Jefferson Ellis (R Place), Jay Cates (Vidiot), Jared Wegner (Brimmer & Heeltap), Heidi Lee (Barolo), Fran Aspon (Thunderbird Tavern), and Dustin Haarstad (Black Cat). Keep up the great work, y'all. Xo —The Stranger