How did you get into bartending and how long have you been at it?

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I started working in bars as a cocktail waitress when I was 20, and I bothered my bosses until they gave me bartending shifts. I've been bartending for almost 11 years.

What do you love most about your job?

I enjoy the friendship in bars. Whether it be with my coworkers, regulars, or complete strangers. There's something special about the way people connect over a beer or cocktail.

What are the qualities of a good bartender?

Efficiency, knowledge, and kindness.

Strangest or most outrageous thing you've ever witnessed or experienced while working? Oddest request?

How do I even rank this stuff? (Or keep it appropriate!?) I was once very seriously offered $15,000 to marry one of my regular's cousins, who needed to get into America. I politely declined.

Anything you can't drink anymore after bartending as long as you have?

FERNET. I don't know how y'all still do it. One bad fernet hangover should cure you for life.

Current drink of choice?

I'm into all this CBD around these days. Also, low or no abv [alcohol content] cocktails.

Favorite drink to make and/or the drink you make best? What about your proudest conception of a drink?

I love making mai tais! They're pretty! And so good, don't lie! My favorite drink I've made at Pine Box is the Doornail: gin, tart cherry reduction, lime, and Petrus Aged Pale. It tastes like a cherry limeade!

Least favorite drink to make, and why?

Egg-white cocktails! So time-consuming and it dirties your whole thing up.

What's your own favorite watering hole?

Summit Public House. And, of course, the Stumbling Monk.

What do you do when you're not slinging drinks? For fun, for work, for passion, for whatever?

I write poetry, I'm a mom, and I love to plan parties.

You can find Morgan at the Pine Box (1600 Melrose Ave) on Capitol Hill Tuesdays and Wednesdays during happy hour, and on Friday and Saturday nights.