The HUMP! Jury was blown away by the number and the quality of films submitted for HUMP! this year. Deciding which films were going to make it into the festival was difficult for the best possible reason: We had so many great films to choose from. And while most of the films came from Seattle and Portland, we also got submissions this year from in from New York, Colorado, Illinois, Germany, Kansas, Connecticut, Australia, New Jersey, New Mexico, and the United Kingdom. So we're going to have to stop calling HUMP! the "Pacific Northwest's Biggest, Best, and Only Porn Festival." HUMP! is now a globe-straddling/globe-humping/globe-spooging colossus.

For a taste of what you'll see at this year's festival, you'll want to check out the trailer above. To find a list of this year's films along with brief/enigmatic synopses, you'll want to go to the jump. To see this year's HUMP! Festival at a screening in Seattle or Portland and vote for the best films (and award $15,000 in prize money to the filmmakers), you'll want to get your tickets now! Some screenings are already selling out and we always see a big jump in ticket sales once the trailer is released. So don't wait! Get your tickets now!

HUMP! 2016

The Forbidden Tango
It takes two to tango—and these sexy boys really love to dance. Cleanup on aisle dance floor!

Fuck on the Mount

An adventurous couple shows off their acroyoga and oral skills in front of some gorgeous scenery. Destination fucking—our new favorite sport!

You've Got Tail
A mail carrier gets bit by the puppy-play bug when he discovers a house full of sexy, submissive doggies and their master. We’ve never seen such a creative Kong substitute!

Birthday Boss
Workplace power dynamics can be hot, as proven by this hilarious phone sex session!

Camping Trip
Pitch your tent and give that air mattress a good blow, because we’re going camping! This film goes from bromance to Brokeback real quick—and who needs lube when you have sunscreen?

Art Primo and the Rainbow Dildo
Sometimes all need to get off is a sexy belly dancing outfit, some quality camera gear, and a giant rainbow dildo…

This kinky couple’s video diary—filmed over the course of a year—will have you believing in soul mates: one person can be the person you want to pee on, the person who wants to watch you pee on yourself, and the person who wants to fuck you senseless in a field before going home to masturbate onto some pomegranate peels. True love is real!

We could play with this contraption all day. GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL!

I'm Not Poly But My Boyfriends Are
Sex-positivity doesn’t come easily for everyone. But it’s never too late to embrace who you are and what you want! That’s what the star of this film has learned—as have all of her boyfriends!

The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife
A dreamy octopus takes liberties with a lonely woman. A beautiful animated romp and tentacle porn’s first appearance at HUMP!

Toys, Trans, and Training
Two transwomen give us a lesson in ass-eating, blowjobs, rim seats, and scorching hot sex…

A Pervert's Guide to Avoiding Loneliness
Remember your college friend who would pick up a guitar at every party? Well, he got himself an accordion—and a jock strap—and now he’s gonna sing us a song about how his long list of kinks have complicated his love life…

It's Fucking Complicated
Communication is key, and for this straight couple, the laundry list of “things I’m really into” is longer than usual. But once they get it all out in the open, they’re #1 at doing sex!

The Little Merman
A sexy merman rescues the man who could be the love of his life—but to be with the man of his dreams our merman is going to need two legs and something big in between them. A fairytale for the ages.

Summer Fuckation
What did you do last summer? This hot straight sporty couple fucked at Burning Man, climbed some rocks and fucked on top of those, they even fucked in the sky. Their sex conquers all summer activities and it’s hot as hell!

Boat Daddy
Two hot gay seamen do a lot more than sailing. Vintage style paired with classic fuck.

Playing Scrabble
A demure board game night turns into a wild orgy featuring clowns, fisting, whipping, screaming, and a bodily fluid we haven’t seen at HUMP! before. Consider yourself warned…

Fucking Boring
BDSM and three-ways are great way to avoid boring sex—but basic can be sexy too. Bring on the Netflix, tea candles, and cuddles. But don’t forget to feed your gimp before you go to Bed Bath and Beyond!

Breakfast in Bed
What's a boy to do after some hot early morning sex? Make his man something equally hot for breakfast...

Sock Puppet
An adorable musical number featuring sock puppets, xylophones, and intergenerational fist fucking!

Savage Kingdom
Observe the elusive wild gimp in its natural habitat. Highly educational!

Sexucation: Just Jizz
An infomercial for an alternative cure-all. You’ll want to order a case of Just Jizz after you watch!