Hi there. I'm the beardy guy, balding a bit, kind of a fit dad type. You're the cute skinny guy who looks kind of like Oscar Isaac with glasses. When I walked out of the restaurant, you banged on the glass to get my attention, and when I looked up at you, you made a heart with your hands, you pointed at me, and you mouthed "I love you." I want you to know that had I been single, or had I not agreed with my partner to be monogamous, I would have walked back inside and gotten your phone number. I've spent years getting back in shape. I've lost weight, I've changed how I dress, I've gotten my confidence back. It's been a long time since I've been hit on, and an even longer time since I've been hit on by someone so hot, and it was one of the nicest things that's happened to me in a while. Thank you.