There you are, strolling through the neighborhood with your beloved pooch. Sometimes he's by your side, sometimes roaming free, but he's never on a leash. Of course, no problem, because he's super friendly, wouldn't hurt a fly. You selfish, clueless ass: You have no idea how you're fucking with my day. Let me give you two reasons. One, his boundless frolicking terrifies my son. I don't care how friendly you think he is, his unpredictability can make a fearful kid do unpredictable things. Are you happy putting children in a state of panic and potential danger? Two, my dog is not super friendly. That's why he's on a leash and not at the off-leash park. Next time your untethered dog comes near mine, I'm dropping the leash and letting nature take its course. And next time he comes anywhere near my child, your dog isn't the only one going down.

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