This morning, the bus was packed, people were standing from the front to the very back. The seats for the elderly and disabled were occupied by (1) a young hetero couple who looked like they were coming down from heroin, sleeping against each other, (2) a twentysomething female wearing earbuds, (3) a dude manspreading, and (4) an old guy, the only one rightfully seated there. An older woman boarded the bus and, although she appeared able-bodied, I noticed she was trembling. Not one person in the front seats even glanced up—they all had their faces in their phones. So I offered my seat, and the shaky woman gratefully accepted. Is this a millennial thing, a Trump-affected-world thing, a Seattle thing, a technology addiction thing? I don't know, but people need to be more aware of others: UNPLUG, WAKE THE FUCK UP, and PAY ATTENTION.

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