To the maker of the "Go Home Tech Bro" stickers: Pray tell, what makes it okay to single out a group and tell them they're unwelcome? These aren't fascists or abusers, these are people who were either lucky enough to be born with a passion for tech things or willing to buckle down and learn the tech things. Don't be mad that our city's landscape is changing. Don't be mad you don't own a house in Seattle. We did this to ourselves. We had the same chances they did to get educated on something extremely boring. I missed the chance to buy a house when they were affordable because I was more into park lounging and working an average job. Not much has changed, and I imagine you're in the same boat. So don't be a dick—stop posting those mean stickers. Coding classes and barbers that do fades are everywhere, so you, too, can be a tech bro.

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