You came in with dietary restrictions and condescension, and I patiently walked you through the menu and what you could eat. Being a waiter, a grad student, and over the age of 5, I know that cheese is dairy, but you insisted on pointing it out incessantly. After spending quite some time enjoying your meal, you asked if we had "hortata." I said we didn't have "horchata." You said, "No, horTata," explaining that it is a small latte (it isn't, it's nothing). Then you asked for a soy latte instead. I told you we have drip coffee (being a Mexican restaurant, this isn't outlandish). Rather than complaining directly or looking me in the eye, you tipped 10 percent and added a note to your bill that you'd taken $3 off the tip to pay for the drip coffee you ended up ordering. An online search finds you identify as a "liberal" —but not paying working-class people for their services is nothing more than a classic Trump move. I hope they serve soy lattes in hell.

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