Hey, ride-share drivers: You stop in the middle of the street or block the bike lane so you can save your riders 50 feet of walking and earn that top service rating. You force me and other cyclists to go around you, out into traffic, upping our risk and slowing us down. It's bad enough that you drive around town racking up unnecessary miles, racing for fares, and generally enabling social laziness. You are making a living—so act like a professional and be aware of others. If I happen to knock on your window, slap your rear fender, or hit your mirror as I breeze by, it's just a reminder that you are being an asshole. The rest of us are using these streets, too—and we don't want to get killed to enable your serfdom to Silicon Valley overlords, service to lazy drunks, or sick love affair with your SUV. Yes, what you are doing is legal—and so is giving you the finger.

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