We are very grateful to be some of the few to have a job.

The few of us rehired, while grateful, are basically forced to work, because if we refuse the offer of work, we are ineligible for unemployment. We spend many hours in very close proximity to strangers who are not wearing masks and we are going above and beyond cleaning up after you, making sure that everything is sanitized, changing our gloves and washing our hands every 10 minutes so you have the safest visit possible. Going out to eat is not essential, nor is getting out of the house because you're, "so over this virus thing."

We go home every day scared to death that we might have caught it. Can't even imagine how hospital workers feel. We shower immediately when we get home, sanitize keys, phones, doorknobs, everything to try to stay safe. Not because we are doing anything important/ essential. But because you want to hang out with your friends. Many of whom are not in your bubble, which we know because you greet each other with hugs (wtf?!) while exclaiming, "omg, I haven't seen you in so long!"

And yet many of you are still snooty customers complaining and yelping about the protocols of public safety, or how your appetizer arrived later than hoped. You can socialize and support local businesses other ways. (Gift cards, to-gos, have lunch in the park, have zoom parties respect the health advisories, etc).

The restaurant industry wants your support, but at a distance. Be respectful and kind. Because some of you are straight up a**holes.

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