Dear tech workers,

The tech layoff news reminds me of when I was at your place with your tech bro coworkers, drinking $200 booze while you talked about the best way to job-hop into $350K a year.

 Look, I’m glad you capitalized on runaway salary inflation to pad your wallet and stock portfolio while you could, but don’t expect me to pat you on the back with a sad face now. I didn’t hear a single peep of sympathy when your industry’s boom made this city unaffordable for the rest of us, although you and your bros did tell us to learn to code.

No one who you looked down your nose at gives a fuck if you have to give up your luxury lifestyle, and capitalism comes for us all eventually. Hit me up when you’re ready to accept some humility, and we can work together to break the system that has now fucked us both. 

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