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I don't have a kid nor do I want kids nor will I ever have one by accident being a gay dude. I don't particularly enjoy being around kids (or parents!) at all. But I've got a friend who calls his kid "kiddo" all the time and it doesn't bother me in the slightest... I like that he enjoys being a dad. Don't hang out with parents if you don't like them being enthusiastic about their kids. They should be.

Anyway, the real funny thing is when the person writing this does some posturing about acknowledging language changing, having no control over slang or whatever. But clearly they are just saying it to cover their bases so we don't think they are normally a shallow spiteful person. So you're petty and you get overly disgruntled by meaningless bullshit, no need for a disclaimer. This is I, Anonymous after all.


I recall being called kiddo nearly half a century ago. The bane of Anon's existence is probably just saying what his father said.


No doubt Anon is a total blast at parties.


Hey sweet summer/trigger child, sometimes language also stays the same! "Kiddo" is short, cute and affectionate, and works for any sex or gender. My doggo agrees!


What skidmark said. My grandmother called us "kiddos" in the early 80s. If anything, its user is probably succumbing to the lexicon of old age.


What an absolute POS this human being is. Maybe lighten up and have some fucking fun with life, my friend.


"don't say kiddo'?
Oh my Goddo
& now there's
Doggo too?

we've a robot in Training
here. is it Wrong to

I for one am getting a little
Tired of all this Late-Stage
Capitalism subverting
the Lingo commodif-
ying the Citizenry &
making all of our
Fears A I's very
Own©! llc,

it's ALL-


Eh, I’m with I anon on this one, “doggo” at least. I can’t stand cutesy language.


Which is worse? The trend of modern adults talking, dressing, and acting like they live in a perpetual state of adolescence? Or the trend of seemingly every low-imagination nitwit in the world deputizing themselves as officers of the Word Police?

Tough call.


Not really a fan of doggo, but it’s not nearly as annoying as furbaby.
I discussed this with my own dog and he agrees.


Anon must have a pretty great life if this is all he has to complain about.


Kiddo has existed for a long time, but it's different coming from, say Humphrey Bogart, where it's sly and charming, and clearly endearing. But Americans now are in the thrall of vacuous trends spread by social media that they follow thinking they will seem cutesy, and even imagining they will fool anyone to think they have any original thoughts. Use "my kiddo" or "the doggos" in 2023, and expect to be judged by those who see right through your shallow self. A society in steep decline.


Are you kidding me? This is what you have to complain about? I think the more pressing matter is people using racial slurs and just being general asshats about things. Pretty sure my grandparents called me kiddo in the early 80's and used the same phrase on my brother who was born in 1957! And guess what? GOD FORBID! I actually call my children "kiddo." I don't call them that to other adults, I admit, but I absolutely call them that when they are feeling stressed or anxious. It's a term of endearment. My kids are teenagers and it doesn't phase them. I'm not going around saying things like, "oh my little sweet shnookie poo double dumpling pie" and totally embarrassing both of them and myself. But kiddo? Come on, Anon. Get a grip.


"I know language changes, and I know there’s no use fighting it. But what the fuck is going on?"

Who wants to bet Anon wasn't even born when "kiddo" was already well-established in the lexicon? It's hilarious that (s)he seems to think this is something new.


Gotta agree. "Kiddo" is objectifying language.


Another pathetic attempt by someone to "perfect" parenting by people who don't have them. Are they being raped? Are they being murdered? Are they in a war zone? Does the parent love them? When you are dead (Thankfully) and gone .. well, all of us.. eons into the future and we are nothing more than dust, do you really think this very petty, petty, pet peeve is what matter in this world? Black people dying and you're cumming in your pants to write this drivel? What a waste of mental energy. We all have our pet peeves that mean nothing. Being an adult means keeping them shoved up your ass where they belong.

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