Some years ago we banned thin plastic bags because they strangle turtles and turn into a microplastic mess in our ocean. Now we get charged eight cents for each bag if we don't remember to bring our own, an annoying but seemingly acceptable charge if it means not strangling those turtles. I had gotten used to the paper bags that were usually given out, even if they ripped, got soggy, or I needed two (thus getting charged double!) to carry heavy stuff.

But lately paper bags seem to be getting replaced by plastic bags at most places. This time, however, they're thicker (thus made of more fucking plastic), and I'm getting charged for them!

Maybe these thicker bags are easier to recycle? Nope! Seattle and King County said stop putting that shit in the recycling, it jams up the machines. 

If I was still being given paper bags, then I could at least use them to put compost in, to draw on, or to make paper airplanes. Instead, I'm here with less cash and a surplus of thick-ass plastic bags that I might as well throw into the ocean.

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