Every day I live, eat, and commute with the survivors of the mass layoffs of 2022. Severed with a measly two months of a six-figure income, these individuals slowly but surely interviewed their ways back to a semblance of their former glory. 

But only one thing got them through their months of job-searching, and it continues to drive them to this day: complaining about their new Black and women coworkers who were hired during the pandemic. 

Not a lick of disgust to coked-out executives, who built awful business plans before cutting their staffs with impunity. And not even a general glance toward the horrific pandemic that restructured the economy of every industry before finally hitting the tech sector.

The issue here is clearly the software developer who you’re convinced was hired as a DEI initiative and is forcing your multi-billion dollar corporate daddy to pay her salary, which forces you out of a job. An overwhelmingly male-dominated industry whose algorithms previously found women to be unhirable is perfectly natural and expected, but having to work on a team with a Black developer is not. 

I’ve stopped arguing with you people. I’ve started tracking your meals and trips to the water fountain instead. 

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