Heyo random dude in Post Alley, I'm really sorry I splashed you.

I was driving my friend home after our menial jobs, I didn't realize how deep that puddle was, I wasn't really clocking my speed, and I actually meant the apology I yelled at you as I drove past. Based on your language, the puddle must have got you good.

Again, I'm sorry about that. I just never go that way, but I've also never gone through the effort of throwing a brick at someone's window. So, fuck you. I hope every tiny thing you possess is soaked with pisswater, because I have never in my life, with my menial job, thrown a brick at someone's car.

Fucking congrats on your main character syndrome. Nothing happened to intentionally fuck you up, but you intentionally threw a fucking brick at my car because you got splashed. Boo fucking hoo.

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