What is with Seattle movie-goers not knowing how to behave at a movie?! I go to The Beacon a lot–support local indie movie theaters!—and I don't know if it's something the staff puts in the popcorn, but it's like people forget how to behave in public.

I get that a movie is about entertainment and enjoying yourself, but can you please do so quieter so that it doesn't take away the enjoyment of EVERYONE ELSE at the damn movie?! I am not here to listen to you talk loudly at your friend about how funny a movie from a time you weren't born was, or to watch you feel up a woman and giggle along while James Baldwin describes being at the Selma march (a real experience). 

Please continue going to movies and having a good time, but be aware that literally no one else in the theater cares what you have to say–probably including your friend!—and they are trying to watch the movie. It's only getting more noticeable, and it would mean a lot to the other people if you just shut up for one to two hours.

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