Look, I know my dog is the cutest good boy you’ve ever seen. Trust me, I’m aware his eyes can be hypnotic—he pierces my soul with them every day. But do not ever, under any circumstances, for any reason, feed my dog treats without asking. 

Not while he’s at the park, not while he’s in my yard behind the fence, not when he’s on a walk, not while he’s riding a jet ski, not while he’s riding a bike, not while he’s flying a plane. Never! 

Every time you give him treats, you’re training him to beg for treats from strangers. You’re teaching him he doesn’t have to listen to us. You’re training him to ignore anyone who doesn’t have treats.

Also, you don’t know if he has dietary restrictions. Unless you’re paying the vet bills and taking him outside three times a night so we can sleep, then just stop! You don’t know if he’s trying to lose a couple pounds. You don’t know our dog!

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