@1: Don't you think warehouse grunts would take different jobs if they could do so?

Amazon = Evil
Just stop buying from Amazon. Speak with your dollars.
If they are eliminating the worker with automation and there are a limited amount of laborors doing awful jobs then the people and thing that will be hit the most are workers that have and know they have jobs that humilliate others. So Amazon will be hit in the pocket book and people will make better choices purchacing things. We probably don’t even need most of the junk being sold anyway.
I could say many of the same things about my attempt at being a strawberry picker in Auburn back in the 80's.
@3 I don't know, after reading this it sounds like they are doing these workers a favor if they are automating their jobs into obsolescence. Of course the perpetual (and increasingly absurd) dilemma under capitalism: everyone needs a job.
@4: Yes, and you didn't have an electronic wristband and server on the cloud calculating your performance metrics, but you did get the fresh air of being outside.
What's gross is using people like robots. How terrifically ugly that they have come to this.

Better to just automate the "fulfillment centers" with robots and free the humans for better things. Of course corporate (esp. Bank) profits could easily pay for Universal Basic Income so that people didn't have to work hellish jobs like this.

Truly free labor is labor that is able to freely say "No" to a job. (and not go bankrupt, homeless, starving, etc.)

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